Friday, December 14, 2007

Winter Pictures

We went out this week to take some winter photos of the girls. It has been snowing here a bit. The constant freezing temperatures has been causing the fog to freeze on the pine needles. It looks so beautiful up close, but you can't see it well in the pictures.

The girls love the snow and love to sled in our slopped front yard. I'll try to get a picture of it the next time they're out.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Thinking about the blog again

It has been forever (since June according to the last date stamp) since I thought about making this blog a reality. There has been an awful lot of life going on between then and now. I will try to always keep posts brief for this. In that vein, I will keep this post to just the items I have photos of currently.

Halloween was great. It is a major holiday for the DeCoursey Project. I always take the day off as a vacation day so that Heidi and I can have enough time to make all of the necessary preparations. After much back and forth, the girls had decided what they wanted to be. Abbey was a vampire and Lindsay was an asian princess. Heidi made Lindsay's kimono costume and her mom helped with Abbey's because we didn't have the right sewing tools for the fabrics chosen. They were great. I was a goblin like last year.

Trick-or-Treating this year was so much better than last year. No freezing temps, no whining, and all of the houses in the neighborhood were built so it was plentiful. Actually, the girls did so well that it borders on obscene. The pictures don't show the depth of those piles well. We weighed their candy bags on our house scale. Abbey's was 7 pounds and Lindsay's was 8 pounds.

We started an hour late and didn't get to all of the houses and they still pulled off a bigger haul than I had ever done as a kid. I have to admit, I'm a little impressed by those two.

Disney on Ice came to Spokane the week after Thanksgiving. The great part of being in the hospitality industry is getting insider stuff with fun things. We got 4 tickets in the 6th row on our show night. Instead of paying the $52.50 each for the tickets, they only cost me $7.50 each. It is good to know people.

Before the show, the producers for the show go out into the audience to pick out 4 girls at random to be in the actual show. they get to be on a boat out with the skaters during the Ariel number. Abbey and Lindsay were picked and were very excited. What they didn't know was that my co-worker's son is part of the production and I had arranged the selection to be a little less "random".

They moved us rink side and got an unparalleled view of the show. The picture didn't turn out well though because of the spotlights.

Just a quick final note, I will add a link to Heidi's brother, Donald's blog. He and his wife are using it to communicate out on Elizabeth's progress.