Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Do any of your Jack O Lanterns look like this?

I was looking around for some interesting and fun ideas for our pumpkins on Halloween. I came across these and I had to post them. My favorite is the third one down. It makes me think of something my uncles Mike and Brian, or my aunt Janice would have done. Anyway, enjoy these cool and unique Jack O Lanterns.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Really? That's what your letting her wear?

I was going around the old interweb today and I saw a headline about Miley Cyrus's little sister Noah. They were pointing out the costumes that she and her cousin were wearing to a Halloween party. The question was "Are these as inappropriate as we think they are?" I would have to say a loud YES!!!!! Someone slap the mothers that got them dressed. I think we need to have them talk to Drew Barrymore and see what she has to say about treating children like little adults. What do you think? Oh, I forgot to mention that they are 9 and 8.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Got some stuff checked off

So Jeff's birthday went off really well. We took him out to breakfast and then let him do what every he wanted the rest of the day. I got him one of his favorite things for lunch, BBQ hot pocket...I know I'm soooo thoughtful! ; )

All though we did plan on making his favorite Asian salad, we went for the backup plan and had pizza. Don't worry about Jeff, he had his salad the following night.

I shopped for Jeff's gifts and the girls wrapped them. Jeff opened the gifts and LOVED them. He got a new WSU hat, Lego Batman, and a big box of Gushers.

I made him a Lemon Cream Cake. It was not too hard and it was delicious! It's originally meant to be a cupcake recipe, but we just did the traditional rectangle. Afterward, I could see why it needed to be a cupcake recipe. The batter was so dense that it cooked the outside a bit more than I would have liked. Still delicious, but I think I'll try two rounds or cupcakes next time. The frosting I made was awesome. It was a little reminiscent of lemon heads, so it was delicious! I will definitely make this one again.

I'm now going to tackle the Halloween costumes which will include a trip to the fabric store to get some trim. We have our church Halloween party this weekend. I am also going to put together a Halloween trick or treating party. It's Tuesday already...doesn't it feel like Tuesday is the top of the hill before you start rolling down the rest of the week? It sure does to me.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Jeffoween!

It's finally here, Jeffoween! Oh, you don't know what Jeffoween is? Well, I'll tell you. You see, it kicks off with Jeff's birthday that starts today and ends with Halloween. When Jeff was little he thought that the following two weeks from his birthday were just an elongation of celebration for his birthday. The origin of the term Jeffoween is unknown. It was in existence before we got together. New holidays are always fun and I thought it was cute so we celebrate it every year.

Today's Jeffoween activities will include the making of any cake of Jeff's choosing and dinner of his choice too. He's chosen Asian Chicken salad for dinner and Lemon Cream Cake for dessert. I don't think we'll go anywhere today. I'm pretty sure we'll see a lot of Lego Star Wars, Zelda, and the History channel on the T.V. today and that's OK. I promise to not ask him to do anything on his birthday. I even got him a surprise treat for his lunch.

The next following weeks will be filled with treats and T.V. specials ending with Trick or Treats.

I love Jeffoween and I love Jeff. He's been my best friend for 14 years and everyday I wonder if other couples have as much fun as we do.

So here's to Jeffoween! Celebrating a lovely husband, a great father, and just an all around good guy.

Happy Birthday Jeffery!!!
Happy Jeffoween too!

Friday, October 16, 2009

To Do List

I can't believe it's almost two weeks till Halloween. This year has gone by faster than any other I've known. I've also noticed when it hits this point it get to what I like to call the point of no return. Kind of like when you reach the peak of a roller coaster and start zooming down to finish the ride.

So, Jeff's birthday is tomorrow and that starts it all off. Then I have Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. On top of all that we are trying to sell our house. I'm not stressed though. I feel excited and happy. I love the holidays and nothing other than perhaps the location is going to change. Even if things don't turn out the same, it's still OK. We're good.

Well anyways, I thought I'd post my list of things I need to do in the next two weeks. I was thinking of my SIL Lisa today, she's sick, and I remembered her love of lists, thus inspiring this post. Here goes....

1. Make Lindsay's Halloween costume

2. Make Abbey's Halloween costume

3. Buy last remaining parts to Lindsay's costume with coupon that I'm waiting for

4. Get Jeff a birthday present and wrap it

5. Make Jeff a beautiful lemon cream cake (we'll see on this one)

6. Get food for Jeff's birthday dinner

7. Get pumpkins and carve into fabulous Jack O Lanterns

8. Go to final ward party...our ward is being split...Lame

9. Buy Halloween Candy

10. Put up Halloween decorations (we need to wait till the day of or the one before)

11. Make Halloween treats for our own consumption and for friends

12. Plan and execute the Halloween party the girls both want to have (we'll see on this one too)

13. Blog more frequently...with pictures

14. Try to find time to work on my first quilt

15. Try to attend a baby shower. Gas might be too much. Might just send gift

16. Start thinking about Thanksgiving dinner

I think I'll try to make these themes for posts. Well, maybe. We'll see about that too.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

School Nurse Stories

We just got a call from the nurse at Abbey's school. Apparently she has a headache and needs us to bring her something for it. Now this isn't just any run of the mill headache, not for our girl. The nurse let us know just what Abbey said.

She described it as her brain growing too big for her skull and her scalp was receding at the same time.

Needless to say, the nurse had never heard a child describe an ailment so uniquely. Jeff and the nurse had a good laugh over my very dramatic and pained child.

All I have to say is....That's My Girl!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Random Picture Post

I've been a terrible blogger. This is supposed to be my online journal that I let other people read and I've neglected it badly.

I don't have much to report. The girls have a dentist appointment today. They love the dentist, so that's in our favor. They both have their costumes picked out and I only have to sew Lindsay's and part of Abbey's. Abbey is getting a 4.0 in school, SO proud! Lindsay, I believe is doing well too. I guess we'll see when parent teacher conferences come around.

We've had a terrible cold snap the last few days. It's gotten to around 10 degrees on a couple of the nights. Really cold during the day. All of the pretty flowers have had their Indian Summer cut off and are now going to seed.

No one has come to look at the house yet. I'm not worried about it. If we get to stay through Christmas, I'll be thrilled. I would love to spend the holidays one last time in our first and very loved home.

Now, I'm going to share random pictures from my file. They don't really have anything to relate to this post other than I like them.

Monday, October 5, 2009

House is up for sale

I haven't taken any extra pictures of the house yet. My realtor took some and they are on the listing. If you want to get a sneak peek here's the MLS#29026113. I'll put my own pictures up later. So, if you know anyone that wants to buy a house...send them my way. :)