Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why I like Thursdays

This is the last night of the week that I have to sleep without Jeff.

I get to watch The Office and 30 Rock {two of my favorite shows}

The fact that I can't sleep until 1:30 in the am doesn't matter as much because the girls have late start on an extra hour of sleep...I love sleep.

If it's payday the next day, I take the girls and I out to dinner after Lindsay's ballet. Tonight we went to Skippers.

It's weekend eve. Who doesn't like something with eve tacked on at the end?

I feel happier on this day than on any other one leading up to it.

Thursday is my netflix day. I have to finish watching all of my selections and return them in order to get fresh ones for the weekend. Today I finished Gossip Girl Season 1 disk 2...don't judge me, I'm sharing a guilty pleasure with you. Moliere. One word, no two, FABULOUS and Breathtaking. OK, that was technically three if you count the and. The third selection was My Best Friends Girl. I sat through about 5 minutes of it, decided 5 minutes was overly generous, and turned it off. In my opinion it was pure TRASH! I was also deceived, I thought it was PG-13, but they sent me the unrated version. I hate unrated versions of movies, for so many more reasons than it is guaranteed to be more raunchy. I am strongly suspecting that that movie was never PG-13 to begin with. I think Jeff put it in the que.

Thursday feels like a fresh start. On Thursday I think, tomorrow will be better, and it is.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Taking a break

I'm taking a break from the blog. I'm only putting this up because I didn't want something with the tittle Poor Heidi left out there.

Hopefully I'll come back.

Oh, I now have word verification. The spam was getting to be a huge pain in the butt.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Poor Heidi

I'm just kidding. : ) Well, mostly. I've had a toothache for about a week and it came to a head head...getting puffier by the minute. A failed root canal. FAIL! Now that we have health insurance I thought I'd do something about it today. So, I spent about 3 hours in a dentist's chair getting one of my left lower molars drilled and scraped. It wasn't horrible, it wasn't pleasant either, but the really nasty part is done. I have a lovely prescription of hydrocodone and penicillin. I think I'll be able to eat and sleep soon. I haven't done much of either for the last two days.

The dentist was a really nice guy. Very talented with the shots. He also found a root that the last guy missed. Which happened to be the offending root.

He tried to convince Jeff to go the dentist school route instead of the doctor. He told Jeff that being a dentist is the "good life". He was pretty funny.

Anyways, I might need to just let this be the last post for a while. Perhaps until Monday. Oooo, the novocaine is starting to wear off. I can start to feel my lip again.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Mom and Dad can hardly wait for school to start again!

Waking up at 6:25, not my favorite thing to do. I wish I was a morning person, but the warm softness of my bed and sleeping is one of my favorite things to do. When I heard the alarm this morning, I was in the middle of a phone conversation in my dream. I was talking to a physical therapy office and arguing with some lady that a 31 year old woman shouldn't have knee problems and they should take me seriously. Weird.

I make my way to the girl's rooms, Bruce is waiting for me when I open my door. It hurts his little kitty feelings that I don't let him in at night. Sorry Bruce, I don't want to keep getting woken up by a cat that wants attention because he's bored. Oh, or that he HAS to be snuggled right up against or on my legs.

Abbey's first to hear the morning call, "Good morning Abbey, time to get up." in my singsong lovey voice. She stirs in indignation. Lindsay's next. Same result, but Lindsay manages a "Good morning Mama".

I wait for them downstairs in the usual spot, the family room chair. I know that they're going to need a little bit more persuasion to come down. One last "come on guys, get out of bed" ought to do er. Yup, here they come.

Abbey first, followed by Lindsay. Abbey is in a foul mood. Dang it. Lindsay, luckily, isn't. I'm not feeling in a cooking mood this morning, so cereal it is! Lucky we have just enough milk. Abbey needs a little bit of convincing that the way she's starting her day, really isn't the way she should, with the grumpiness and all. After a few moments of reflection, she decides I'm right, and starts climbing out of Sourville.

I'm so glad they picked out their outfits the night before. This is always the plan, but not always executed. It SO makes the difference. It will still take Lindsay 15 minutes to get dressed. It just shaves off the extra 15 minutes of her looking for an outfit. Nice.

Abbey's out the door and in a good mood. Awesome. She loves school and has been looking forward for it to start again. "Goodbye Mama, I love you, have a good day!". Maybe even as much as me.

Time to remind Lindsay to wrap up "getting dressed" aka "playing with toys" because times a waisting. She has a very sweet and free nature, sometimes it works against you when you have a time table to keep though.

Today is my day. Don't get me wrong, I love my children, and I love spending time with them. I also love to have time to myself. I don't have to go anywhere really, just run to the store to get toothpaste, milk, and a few other odds and ends. I should really go before this alleged snow starts. I plan on reading some of my book today. Cleaning the house, more than just the surface. I need to make a treat for family home evening too.

I may even get a little cat nap in there somewhere. I need to cherish the freedom of the stay at home mom lifestyle. I'm not going to have it for much longer. These days are definitely numbered. It's the sweet life, but it's got an expiration date.

So, the not so good about the girls going back to school, waking up so darn early, getting them ready in the morning, not having them around to help, and missing them while they're gone.

Now to list the good; I've got all day to do what I please, a quiet house, I get back on a better sleep schedule, don't have to listen to any arguing, and missing them while they're gone. Yes missing them is a good thing too. I eagerly await for them to come home, funny how soon I forget how eager I was to get them out the door. I get lots of loves and the report of the day.

I'm so glad that school has started again.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year! A decade in review

It's seems like only yesterday that the threat of doom and destruction of Y2K was upon us. I remember Jeff and I in our Pulman apartment, watching our 20 in color TV, and the clock struck 12. We knew that nothing was going to happen, but we were still wondering, what if. The world, of course, was just fine and Abbey slept peacefully in her crib all the while.

2000- This year will always hold significance as the year that Lindsay was born. Jeff took a break from school and we moved back to Kennewick. We lived in our townhouse of 10th and Olympia, we made 900 a month, and these were some of the best and worst times in our lives. I wish I had more pictures to show for this year, but I didn't have my own camera yet and you still had to buy film you know.

2001- I met one of my friends for life this year. My good friend Kenice. We lived in the same complex and went to the same ward. She, and her two children Alec and Hailey, brought us a plate of the best cookies ever and introduced themselves. There hadn't been more than a hello between us before Abbey took one look at Hailey and said "Go away!" Oh, don't worry, Hailey shot right back at her "You go away!" They have been good friends ever since. We just went to visit them this summer too. I can't forget the tragic day of 9/11. I don't know why, but I was at Jeff's mom's house for something. Jeff's brother in law Chet was staying with Jeff's parents. I was in a back room. Chet came down the hall and told Jeff's parents what happened. I had just overheard what he said. I went into the living room and saw the video of the first plane go into the first tower then a second. It didn't seem real. I thought that maybe that was some other Country, not mine. I felt numb all day. Stories of people that should have been on the plane but weren't were floating around. I was at my mom's house in the late afternoon, looking out the window to the park. The park used to be a place that you could play and be safe, not anymore. It was overrun by gang members and their hangers on. I watched as two little boys were outfitted with boxing gloves and made to fight each other by the throng of older boys. Such ugliness and hate right across the street. Don't judge me, but I wondered why couldn't the plane and building have been full of those kind of people. I mourned with the rest of this country. Jeff also got a job in Salt Lake. We were on one of the first flights out of the Pasco airport after 9/11. It was tense to say the least. We moved there and Jeff took a job as the front office manager in the downtown Red Lion. Adam and Kenice moved back to Utah shortly after we did.

- The Olympics came to Salt Lake. Jeff saw many stars and celebrities. I stayed far away from downtown and stuck to Taylorsville. Abbey turned 4 and learned how to read using Dick and Jane books, just like her mom did. Abbey was also in ballet and tap. Lindsay turned two and was never terrible, she was spicy. Her favorite thing to do was cuddle with me and blue blankie on the couch. We also got to know Jeff's aunt Leah very well. The girls loved her and loved to see her.

- We moved from our horrible apartment to our spacious and lovely 1400 sq ft townhouse. With the exception of were I live now, I've never loved a place so much. I loved everything about it. We had a yard, for the first time. We had a playground, a pool, and neighbor kids for Abbey and Lindsay to play with. It was perfect. Abbey went to kindergarten and Lindsay was sad. Not for too long though. Lindsay brightened up when she realised that she'd have momma all to herself, all day.
We also met our other friends for life, Amy and Steve. Lindsay and their Lexi were good little friends. We double dated and played games into the wee hours of the night. Game night was looked forward to all week. We had lot's of yummy snacks and played D&D while our kids slept. That's right folks, I'm a total nerd. I'm only slightly ashamed. {smile}

2004- This year is kind of a blur. It mixes in with the previous year because we did many of the same things. Lindsay was three and NOT potty trained. The ballet bug had bitten Lindsay early in life. She wanted nothing more than to go to ballet, but you had to be potty trained to go to ballet. Well, she decided to do just that and she was in about 3 days. The sad thing was, we couldn't afford to send her. Abbey had been very sick and had large medical bills we were trying to pay. I promised that someday she would get to go. In the last of the year Jeff got a new job in the company and they were moving us to Spokane. I was excited to have more money for our family, but very sad to leave our good friends.

- Lindsay was able to go to ballet as soon as we moved to Spokane. She joined Sandra Olgard's ballet studio mid year. She danced in the ballet Don Quixote as a little village girl. She also started going to pre-school at Hearts and Rainbows and learned how to read. She also turned 5 and started Kindergarten. Her teacher was named Miss Honeywell, isn't that the perfect teacher name?
Abbey started at Mullan Road Elementary in the first grade. It was a very hard year for her. She didn't have any friends all year long and she just couldn't get any school work done. I had suspected that she had the same problem I've had my whole life. We took her to the doctor and she was diagnosed with ADHD. She started taking medicine for it and her life changed. She had friends at school for the first time. She not only finished all of her work, but she was one of the first kids to be done.

2006- We moved into our first house. We picked the plan, the lot, and all of the colors. We got a kitty to live with us in our house too. We named him Gary. He wasn't with us long. He died from kidney failure six months after we got him. We were all in the room with him when he was put to sleep. All of our hands were petting him as his spirit left for heaven. We had gotten Mookie shortly after we got Gary. Mookie was very sad after Gary died, so was Jeff. We decided to get another kitty, that's when we got Bruce. Bruce Wayne, that's right, he's Batman. On a happier note, Abbey got baptized this year too. We had all of the family over and it was lovely. My mom made Abbey's pretty white dress with a light blue sash. The girls also started school at Windsor. The best school we've been in yet.

2007- Jeff and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. Abbey and Lindsay played soccer. And we, as a family, went to, DISNEYLAND!!! I'm so glad that we did. It was the best vacation I've ever had. I took so many pictures and I have a fabulous scrap book to boot. Jeff changed jobs in the company again. We bought our van. We also had a visit to Salt Lake to visit our friends and family.

- Lindsay turned 8 and was baptised. We had one of the best 4th of July's at Uncle Richard's lake house. Jeff lost his job and our lives were changed.
I had pictures I took of the girls get put on the news. We had over 5 feet of snow. School was canceled for almost two weeks.

2009- We celebrated all of the holidays at home and by ourselves. This may not seem like a big deal, but with lot's of family very close it's kind of impressive. I'm glad we did. 2009 would be the last year we would get to spend in our beloved house. We've tried to enjoy every last minute. We put our house up for sale this year. Jeff got a job with Red Lion again. We decided to move to the Tri-Cities and go back to school. The girls and I got to visit Utah this summer. I've made some great friends in 2009. We had snow in June.

What's going to happen in the next 10 years? I have no idea. The one thing I've learned in the last decade is that everything is uncertain and anything can happen. Year 2000 Heidi could have never predicted where 2009 Heidi would be. I do feel encouraged however, things will change and hopefully for the better.