Monday, January 4, 2010

Mom and Dad can hardly wait for school to start again!

Waking up at 6:25, not my favorite thing to do. I wish I was a morning person, but the warm softness of my bed and sleeping is one of my favorite things to do. When I heard the alarm this morning, I was in the middle of a phone conversation in my dream. I was talking to a physical therapy office and arguing with some lady that a 31 year old woman shouldn't have knee problems and they should take me seriously. Weird.

I make my way to the girl's rooms, Bruce is waiting for me when I open my door. It hurts his little kitty feelings that I don't let him in at night. Sorry Bruce, I don't want to keep getting woken up by a cat that wants attention because he's bored. Oh, or that he HAS to be snuggled right up against or on my legs.

Abbey's first to hear the morning call, "Good morning Abbey, time to get up." in my singsong lovey voice. She stirs in indignation. Lindsay's next. Same result, but Lindsay manages a "Good morning Mama".

I wait for them downstairs in the usual spot, the family room chair. I know that they're going to need a little bit more persuasion to come down. One last "come on guys, get out of bed" ought to do er. Yup, here they come.

Abbey first, followed by Lindsay. Abbey is in a foul mood. Dang it. Lindsay, luckily, isn't. I'm not feeling in a cooking mood this morning, so cereal it is! Lucky we have just enough milk. Abbey needs a little bit of convincing that the way she's starting her day, really isn't the way she should, with the grumpiness and all. After a few moments of reflection, she decides I'm right, and starts climbing out of Sourville.

I'm so glad they picked out their outfits the night before. This is always the plan, but not always executed. It SO makes the difference. It will still take Lindsay 15 minutes to get dressed. It just shaves off the extra 15 minutes of her looking for an outfit. Nice.

Abbey's out the door and in a good mood. Awesome. She loves school and has been looking forward for it to start again. "Goodbye Mama, I love you, have a good day!". Maybe even as much as me.

Time to remind Lindsay to wrap up "getting dressed" aka "playing with toys" because times a waisting. She has a very sweet and free nature, sometimes it works against you when you have a time table to keep though.

Today is my day. Don't get me wrong, I love my children, and I love spending time with them. I also love to have time to myself. I don't have to go anywhere really, just run to the store to get toothpaste, milk, and a few other odds and ends. I should really go before this alleged snow starts. I plan on reading some of my book today. Cleaning the house, more than just the surface. I need to make a treat for family home evening too.

I may even get a little cat nap in there somewhere. I need to cherish the freedom of the stay at home mom lifestyle. I'm not going to have it for much longer. These days are definitely numbered. It's the sweet life, but it's got an expiration date.

So, the not so good about the girls going back to school, waking up so darn early, getting them ready in the morning, not having them around to help, and missing them while they're gone.

Now to list the good; I've got all day to do what I please, a quiet house, I get back on a better sleep schedule, don't have to listen to any arguing, and missing them while they're gone. Yes missing them is a good thing too. I eagerly await for them to come home, funny how soon I forget how eager I was to get them out the door. I get lots of loves and the report of the day.

I'm so glad that school has started again.


jenW said...

Also not a morning person! Alas, someone has to get the kids up and running. Mine were back to the routine today as well. After our mad dash out the door routine yesterday for 9am church I was a little worried about today. With a bit of extra planning and me getting up 30 minutes before the kids we had enough time to squeeze in some morning cartoons:) The littles go to pre-K at 12! Then it's mommy time! hooray for routine!

Brooke said...

What a lovely post... a perfect balance! I hope you enjoy your day, get a chance to read some of your book and take a little catnap for me, too! :)

Next Monday is my "official" start for student teaching, so I'm trying to cram as much into this week as I can before school starts for me. :)

Lisa said...


(I have a similar post in store for tomorrow)

Amy J. said...

I think most mom's are feeling a touch of the "let's get er done today" feelings. You decade in review is so cool! What a neat way to celebrate the past.

LKP said...

wish i could say our morning went so smoothly. lucky.
but you're right, i've been looking forward to this day for what seems like forever! so glad its here. have a jeep to finish getting sold. bill of sale complete. just need to actually transfer it to the new owner & collect the payment so as to go get seth's "new" jeep later today! oh yeah, and all the domestic things i'm no good at that i've covenanted to get better at this month. but it'll all still be there tomorrow (but so will my appointments & meetings & perhaps my domestic focus will wait until thursday or friday...ha! yeah right, by then i'll be ready again for another weekend. i'm such a sloth.)
love ya. happy all-to-ourselves day!

jenW said...

I wanted the cherries to stay~ I so loved them. But it wouldn't allow me to put up a title where I wanted. I actually wrote a little diddy on one of my posts :)

Lisa said...

This was such a lovely post to read.

I was so sad for this morning to come. I have loved every minute of the past 2 weeks. Lazy mornings and having my children home with me.

But alas, all good things must come to an end. Like you, it was back to busniess in our home this morning. We were rudely awoken by alarm clocks and forced out in the cold rainy weather.

I guess now we'll look forward Spring Break!

SuzanSayz said...

And then here sits "grandma" reminiscing on the "get ready for school" days she used to endure. I still have dreams of not being able to get Shawn ready for his bus on time. In fact those dreams sometime feel more real than the actual memories do.
go figure

Stephanie said...

I remember those days as well. Only my high schoolers had early morning seminary.........Don't get me started.............

libbie said...

I DESPISE waking up. But I am loving being back on some sort of a schedule. LOVE IT!

Cindy Brinkerhoff said...

Great post, nicely written. I too and VERY glad the kiddos are back to school and I am back to work. I like routine :)

Jeanette said...

I loved your post Heidi.

Mine just went back today. I was dragging this morning, but managed. I love having a "no schedule" vacation, but I enjoy the scheduled days too. Yin and Yang baby!

LKP said...

ha ha ha ha ha!
ok, the prom idea just popped in my head one day.
the theme & decision to go vintage came after watching back to the future again! awesome that you caught it. =) yes yes yes. OODLES of crepe paper!!! i wish you were here to help with decorations. they're going to be so incredibly tacky that they'll be goregeous! will you be here by then? home hunting? visiting your hubby? ya know you'll need a good date night since that's valentine's weekend....hmmmm....? whaddaya say?
and as far as that "new oldies" station is concerned, are you talking "OLDIES 95.7"?! with lon martin in the mornings? i worked with that guy. my station was just down the hall from his. great guy. the best. i love most all kinds of music, but oldies are by far my fave, too. good stuff. safe, i mean safer stuff. =)

David said...

LOL i can't believe your post title. i just came over from Lisa C's blog where she had a similar post, and i reminded her of this lyric. I guess all parents are feeling this way right now!

Amy said...

Wow. You're mornings go a lot smoother than mine.