Friday, May 22, 2009

Really cool soldier. Dedicated, don't forget dedicated!

I read this story on Yahoo this morning. This soldier was ready to defend our country, no matter what.

Take some time to read the story. One of his fellow soldiers is a local boy from Spokane, small world. :)

Soldiers from the U.S. Army First Battalion, 26th Infantry take defensive positions at firebase Restrepo after receiving fire from Taliban positions in the Korengal Valley of Afghanistan's Kunar Province on Monday May 11, 2009. Spc. Zachery Boyd of Fort Worth, TX, far left was wearing 'I love NY' boxer shorts after rushing from his sleeping quarters to join his fellow platoon members. From far right is Spc. Cecil Montgomery of Many, LA and Jordan Custer of Spokane, WA, center.

These men and women help to keep us free. Weather we agree with why, how long, or what they are over there for, we should say thank you.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Part 2

The day had been really nice. Visiting with family, watching Lindsay dance, and eating out with everyone. I thought we'd get to go home and relax the rest of the evening, put the girls to bed, then put in a movie and zone out. Not to be.

Lindsay and Abbey started to have allergy like symptoms on Friday. Runny nose, sneezing, cough, and Abbey had a little bit of Asthma. This is pretty par for the course this time of year. They both went to school on Friday and came home and played afterward. Saturday, Lindsay didn't want to go anywhere. She was in her pajamas all day long and pretty much camped out on the family room couch with the remote. Kind of worried at this point that they might not just be allergies. We gave her the medicine that we had on hand and she seemed to perk up.

Sunday. Lindsay was her little happy self. She was singing and dancing around the house, like she always does. She had a good appetite and had like 2 1/2 bowls of cereal. I think it was really just a stalling tactic against having to take a shower. That's when it started. The little cough. I was a bit worried but she assured me she felt fine. None the less, I gave her something for it. It seemed to help.

Fast forward to after the performance and Lindsay was starting to have the cough back. It was getting a little deeper sounding now. It continued through dinner and when we got back home. We gave her some more medicine. Nothing could stop it. One hour went by, two hours, the cough got more consistent and louder. We gave her the ultimate weapon, cough syrup with codeine, still not stopping. I thought, maybe it's a little bit of asthma. She took some albuturol puffs, but it didn't stop the coughing. The cough got to the point where it was only stopping for about 10 seconds before the next fit would start. Nothing left to do but call the nurse line at the doctors office.

We were on our way. The nurse said to bring her in. It couldn't wait for the morning. {sigh} It was about 9 0'clock at night and I new we wouldn't get out for a long time. Where you might be wondering? The Emergency Room. Yup, the magical and wondrous place that time ceases to exist and all sorts of creatures come out, especially at night.

We make our way from the spooky underground parking to the crowded and creepy waiting area. It is chock full of people. There was just about everything to see, including a guy on a gurney having some kind of bad reaction to something he took earlier and a lady screaming and crying in pain.

I held on tight to Lindsay and repeated quite a few times to the desk that the nurse sent something to them to let them know we were coming. In other words, "Please tell me we don't have to stay in here." I think they told me I could go sit down and fill out the forms. I wasn't going anywhere. There wasn't even a seat to be had if I was going to anyway. I put Lindsay between me and the desk and filled out the form. Then, they took me back behind secure doors that led to the children's ER. Loud sigh of relief.

It was a children friendly room with toys and books. The Nicholas Cage movie Alcatraz was playing on the TV when we got back. I asked the nurse to put a movie in instead.

We waited, waited, waited, and waited. Then they took us back to get some X-rays. The room was dark, silent, and peaceful. It was so nice. There was no more screaming or babies crying. Just peace. We waited in that room for 25 minutes. Lindsay curled up in my lap and laid her head down. We just enjoyed the dark silence. After singing some songs and talking about the day, a nurse came to get us and took us to our own room.

Lindsay got to lay down and they brought her a warm blanket and a movie list. She got to have some popsicles and watch The Great Muppet Caper, one of my favorites. "but I hate peperoni!"
The doctor came and went. Swabs of the throat and nose were taken and tested. We were told it was just a virus and the chest screen was clean. They gave her half a Vicaden for the cough and sent us home with a prescription.

We were both really hungry and Lindsay wanted a happy meal. She deserved it. She was so good and patient during this whole ordeal. I knew I'd have to go to the worst McDonald's in Spokane, it was the closest and they are 24 hours. On our way we got to see the night life of Spokane. It was after 2am by this time and I think the couple of hookers I saw must have been on their second shift. {shudder}

After getting the bad service and bad food that is to be expected from that McDonald's, we made our way home. So tired, so worn, so ready for bed, but Lindsay's cough had stopped. She was able to sleep and recuperate from the day and eventful night she had.

This concludes the second part in our Tiny Dancer series. Thank you for tuning in.
Lou Lou

Monday, May 18, 2009

Tiny Dancer

Yesterday we got to see a year of hard work pay off. It was Lindsay's ballet recital. She spent the short morning getting her hair into the perfect bun and getting her make-up done. She let me know that the make-up is her favorite part. I don't mind it any more, it used to be really tough...trying to put mascara and eyeliner on a four year old isn't easy. :)

So she was off with Daddy to the rehearsal. She gets there at 10am and the show is at 2. Good thing Jeff is a great guy and waits there with her. Not only does he wait with her, he fights off other parents by saving a row of seats for our family. You have to come with paper, tape, and a pen in hand and quickly mark your territory. We had great seats this year, thanks honey. :)

This years ballet was Mid Summers Night Dream and Lindsay was a beautiful butterfly. I wish I could upload video, but I don't have a cable to put what's on the tape on to the computer. I did get a few pictures. Not the best because of the lighting, but you'll get the idea.
The best part was both sets of Grandparents were able to come up for the performance. After the show we all went to Golden Coral and ate all of the buffet goodness that we wanted. It was a great day...the night however, not so good. That's part 2.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Craig's List funnies, You have to read the whole listing.

I saw this on Craig's List today. I thought it was pretty funny. Without anything better to share, I give you the add.

*stupidly huge tire*(this was the title in the free section)

FREE really big worn out tire off a tractor/back hoe/digging thing. my friend was threatening to take it to grow tomatoes in but that never happened. this monster piece of rubber is just about 4 & 1/2 feet tall and bears the words "Armstrong Industrial Tractor Lug 18.4x28". i can deliver this stupidly huge tire for you to use for your own joy & satisfaction IF you are close to trent & between pines & downtown. i can deliver farther if you are willing to toss a few $ my way for gas.

exceptions to this free offer include little old ladies on public assistance who want to climb inside aforementioned stupidly huge tire & ride it down a hill as part of some crazy bucket "go out with a bang" wish - OR - if you have one of those trucks with the set of fake testicles hanging off the hitch - you can't have this stupidly huge tire... you already have enough stupidity in your life.

  • Location: just north of Forker & Bigelow Gulch
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
image 1159881498-0


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This is pretty

I have been kind of down for a while. I haven't been doing my diet very well. I am stressed out that Jeff can't find a job. I'm worried that we are going to need to sell our house soon and everything that goes with that. It's just been hard to even want to get out of bed in the morning some days.

I feel the heavy weight of Earthly things pressing me down. Sometimes it's so much pressure, I feel like I can't breath.

I'm glad they're just material things. I will always have Jeff. I will always have Abbey. I will always have Lindsay. Most important of all, I will always have my Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ.

That should be enough to help me through anything...I just need to keep reminding myself.

So anyway, I am looking at things today that give me joy and peace. I read blogs {to think about someone else life for a few minutes} and I'm looking for things that are pretty and pleasing.

This is one of my favorite paintings. It's painted by Vincent Van Gogh. It's called Almond Branches in Bloom. I want it to hang in my room. It just has such a softness and movement that really appeals to me. I love the color choices too. I love how the branch would at first appear to be dead and lifeless, but then you see the buds flowering all over it's mangled looking frame. The blue background pops out at you and makes you remember sunny yesterdays.
It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Oui Oui! It iz Freanch. Awgh hawgh hawgh.

I am so happy. I found some Chapi Chapo videos on Youtube yesterday. Oh happy day! So, I will share one of them with you. I know that they originated in France in the 70's.

It was named "Chapi Chapo" as a play-on-words with the French word, chapeaux, which means "hats". Both of the main characters wore oversized hats that matched their clothing. In the theme song they say, in French:

"Guess who is Chapi.
Guess who is Chapo.
Who of us is Chapi, Chapo.
That is entirely in red Chapi.
The blue is Chapo.
But we are like twins..." (rough translation)

So, the one in red is Chapi and the one in blue is Chapo. {ya, I totally cut and pasted that from wikipedia...I am not ashamed}

Have a good Weekend!