Saturday, December 11, 2010

A sweet surprise from a sweet friend

Lindsay has been participating in the Nutcracker this year. We've been busy getting her to rehearsal and now the performances have started. Last night was opening night. Lindsay was so excited. I was working security backstage all night, but I did get to see Lindsay come through and go to wardrobe. I gave her some loves and wished her good luck, which now I don't know if I was supposed to do that or tell her break a leg...hmmm.

When it was over I saw all the girls going back through, many of them leaving and many of them had bunches of flowers. Oh oh. I didn't buy and flowers. I also forgot to get Lindsay 24 opening night gifts to hand out to her fellow Palace Fairies. Crap. Double strike. I knew Lindsay would be understanding and pretend that she didn't need flowers. I still felt like a heal.

I got back to the green room, ready to apologize, that's when Lindsay ran to me and she was holding a beautiful bouquet of orange roses and deep maroon mums. They were lovely and arranged so perfectly. Who gave her flowers? She was just smiling and so proud of her roses. I remarked how pretty they were and looked at the card. It read:

Lindsay Loo!
So proud of you.
Way to go!
{heart} Seth, Keely,& Daisy

It was my sweet and thoughtful friend Keely and co. She mentioned on her blog that she loved the Nutcracker and was going to attend. I let her know that Lindsay was going to be a Palace Fairy and in the front, so watch out.

I am so touched. I teared up at the loving gift. You saved my hide and made Lindsay's night perfect. Thank you so much dear friend. I love you bunches.


dswillis said...

Beautiful daughter and flowers!
Sometimes, the desires of our sweet heart are carried out by angels.

dswillis said...

p.s.. Are Lindsay and Alexandria in the same "Nutcracker"?

Heidi D said...

Yup. They are. I give Alexandra loves and kisses when I see her going back to wardrobe too.

Alicia said...

she looks darling!

LKP said...

oh my goodness. you must know that this was not expected at all. you have me in tears, heidi! i had wished we could've done more, really i do. we love you guys! she did a seriously phenomenal job. ::hugs::

David said...

i wonder why the green room is called green