Saturday, December 11, 2010

A sweet surprise from a sweet friend

Lindsay has been participating in the Nutcracker this year. We've been busy getting her to rehearsal and now the performances have started. Last night was opening night. Lindsay was so excited. I was working security backstage all night, but I did get to see Lindsay come through and go to wardrobe. I gave her some loves and wished her good luck, which now I don't know if I was supposed to do that or tell her break a leg...hmmm.

When it was over I saw all the girls going back through, many of them leaving and many of them had bunches of flowers. Oh oh. I didn't buy and flowers. I also forgot to get Lindsay 24 opening night gifts to hand out to her fellow Palace Fairies. Crap. Double strike. I knew Lindsay would be understanding and pretend that she didn't need flowers. I still felt like a heal.

I got back to the green room, ready to apologize, that's when Lindsay ran to me and she was holding a beautiful bouquet of orange roses and deep maroon mums. They were lovely and arranged so perfectly. Who gave her flowers? She was just smiling and so proud of her roses. I remarked how pretty they were and looked at the card. It read:

Lindsay Loo!
So proud of you.
Way to go!
{heart} Seth, Keely,& Daisy

It was my sweet and thoughtful friend Keely and co. She mentioned on her blog that she loved the Nutcracker and was going to attend. I let her know that Lindsay was going to be a Palace Fairy and in the front, so watch out.

I am so touched. I teared up at the loving gift. You saved my hide and made Lindsay's night perfect. Thank you so much dear friend. I love you bunches.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Halloween 2010

The weather was great this year. No coats or layering needed. I didn't take many pictures, my camera has been acting up and not so reliable.

The first time ever there was a division of the group. Abbey went off with her cousin Miranda while Lindsay stayed with Daddy and her friends Michael and Nicky. Girls are getting older. The candy haul was really light this year. I hope next year yields more fruit.

Abbey was a Jedi

Lindsay was a Leprechaun.

I made both costumes. It reminds me why I only sew once a year. I managed to get a shot of both of them when we went to Jeff's parents house after tricks or treats.

One funny little thing I need to mention. Lindsay's teacher at school wanted all of the kids to come by his house on Halloween. He said his was the scariest house there ever was and kids had been known to run screaming in fear. Lindsay speculated that he must have F's everywhere. We had to go. We got there and the guy had one of the coolest yards I've seen in a while. Very neat, but Lindsay was a scoffer, she wasn't scared. Lindsay dinged the doorbell and there was her teacher. He gave Abbey some candy. He gave Lindsay some candy. She was about to leave when he told her to wait a minute. He then handed her a math worksheet with about 30 big multiplication problems. He told her he wanted it finished and turned in the next morning. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Post about Abbey, or Abburt, if you're in the inner circle.

Abbey turned 12 in July and to be honest, I don't remember what we did. It was on a Sunday, we had cake, she requested a certain kind of dinner, and we had presents. I'm a bad mom, I know. I should have pictures and a clear memory of what happened. I do know that that was shortly before we packed up a bunch of clothes and abruptly moved to Kennewick to be closer to Jeff. I'll have to ask Abbey when she gets home from school if she remembers if we did anything else.

She did start a new school this year. It was a very rocky beginning. She had a very difficult time making friends. For the first month of school she was so depressed about her life. I didn't know what to do for her, I was depressed myself. I comforted her and tried to brainstorm with her on what to do. I asked her who she ate lunch with, it made me sad to think of her sitting by herself at a table all alone. She then informed me that everyday she would eat her lunch with the Life Skills kids. They are the kids with mental disabilities by the way. Abbey has always had a soft spot for anyone with a handicap. She told me that sometimes it was the best part of her day. Aww, I love her.

Soon after that I would start to hear certain girl's names mentioned. I would inquire as to the friendship status and it was looking good. Abbey was slowly, but surely, gaining friends. She started to eat lunch with these girls at their table. She made sure to let them know though, that two days a week were still devoted to the LS kids. She also let it be known that they were free to join her.

Since Abbey is in the 7th grade this year, she was able to participate in school sports. First up, volleyball! She was very excited about this. Her previous volleyball venture was cut short due to a broken thumb. Volleyball was a good experience for her. The most important thing she needed to learn was teamwork, supporting your teammates, and really being open to constructive criticism and learning from it. She made progress in all areas so I think it was well worth her time.

She became closer with some of the girls on her team, which in turn made her happy. Yay. She also looked cute in her uniform. I went to most of the home games as did Jeff's mom and his sister. Lindsay would come to support her, but bring the DS for backup.

Just to do a quick round up on Abbey now. She's getting really good grades, almost made the Principal's List. Next time. She's got a good group of friends at school. They genuinely like her and are excited to see her in the morning. She's part of the Buddy Club at school. Buddy Club is the official club for the LS kids. She didn't want to do dance. That was the sport option after volleyball. She is going to go out for basketball in January though.

Abbey is still sad with leaving our home and having to move to a new place. She is happy too. She's learning that it's possible and OK to be happy and sad about the same thing at the same time. Feelings and emotions are complex. She's my daughter, she needs to learn the term "I'm complicated". I'm proud and relieved that she's making the best of her situation. I am so lucky to have an Abbey. She is certainly cream of the crop. Oh, the purple and teal are the colors of Horse Heaven Hills. Just thought it would bring a nice theme to the post.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Time for something new

I actually didn't want to post until Jeff got a new job, but who knows when the heck that's going to happen. My life has sucked pretty hard since the summer and I didn't feel like talking about it and getting pulled over by the "you need to be grateful" police. Don't need or care to hear it, thanks.

The reason I'm posting now is that I was looking over old posts of mine. It's been a great scrapbook and that's what I was intending it to be in the first place. My life has taken a dramatic turn and not for the better, somethings are better. I think I should still write down and take pictures of my families life. I've almost completely lost the will to care and I don't want it to be that way. I want to look back and see some good that was mixed in with all the crap. There is good, there is.

I also miss my friends that I've made in the blog world. By shutting my blog out I've accidentally shut you out too. I include family in this as well. I'm sorry.

I also wanted something else up because for months when I come to check my blog sidebar I see the old post header and it's just winy and annoying. It was how I was feeling at the time, but I'm tired of seeing it. I would delete it, but it was a true representation of how I felt and I want to be honest.

I want to start with Lindsay's birthday. She turned 10 this year. My youngest is in double digits! I love that little girl so much. She didn't get a party this year. We had to leave our house and live at Grandma's so all of her friends were 2 hours away. We did make it up to her by taking her to lunch and treating her and Abbey to pedicures. Later in the evening we had a family dinner and invited the Rosenstocks down the street. Lindsay has been best friends with their two boys since she was 4 0r 5. Jeff and the girls made the decorations and I made the food. We had shredded beef tacos, beans, rice, salsa, chips, and vanilla cupcakes with real strawberry frosting. The weather was nice. It did threaten to rain, but never went through with it. Lindsay got so many presents. It was like Christmas! She's never got a haul like that from a regular birthday party. I believe she literally got everything she wanted. How many people can say that and mean it!? Probably a few, but I still thought it was cool.

Things worthy of notice. Lindsay picked out those candles and was very proud of them. My mom made the dress Lindsay is wearing. I think it was made for her birthday if I'm remembering it correctly. I showed Jeff how to make the pompoms, but he and the girls made them. He lovingly strung them up under my picky guidance. With the threat of rain we did get a rainbow. If you can't tell one of Lindsay's favorite colors is pink.