Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm alive and here's proof, 4th of July happenings.

I have been absent for quite a while. I think I needed a break from the blog world, but now I'm back and ready to post the summer happenings of the DeCoursey's. I am looking forward to catching up on all of your blogs as well.

So, we had a GREAT time this year! We hopped the boarder and spent the day and having a blast in Coeur d'Alene Idaho. We got there early to get a good spot. Which we ended up moving from because someone set up a volleyball court next to us and we were the out of bounds area. After almost having our grill knocked over for about the 4th time, we decided to relocate. We found a safe haven among the trees. Not to mention, a lot more shade.

We had planned to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the park. I found this really cool looking pancake product that looked interesting.
It was a gamble, but it was on sale so I thought why not. It was a total FAIL. Horrible tasting and the consistency was mostly air, does not a good pancake make. After a few tries and tastes we threw it out.

For lunch we enjoyed burgers and all of the sides. The night before we made potato salad, deviled eggs, fruit salad, pretzel salad, and doctored up the beans to be ready for the grill. We also had a variety of chips and dip and of course, watermelon. In the evening we cooked riblets. Roasted marshmallows rounded everything out.

Before we ate we watched the parade. It was a hometown affair so nothing very fancy, but a lot of pride. I think Jeff is going to write about it in more detail, so I'll leave it there.

The lake was beautiful and felt great. We swam for over 2 hours. I think I could have stayed longer, but the girls were getting hungry again.

There was live music and we were right next to a huge playground. The street bordering the park and lake was pristine. The houses were immaculate and full of character. The funny thing was that not many of the owners seemed to be home. I think it's kind of a waste of a house like that. I would have a big party if I owned one and you all would be invited too.

The day played on and turned into evening. A slight breeze was blowing and it was just right. We found the perfect spot on the boardwalk to watch the fireworks.
I don't know about you, but I always get misty eyed when I watch fireworks on the 4th of July. I love my country and the colorful loud explosions seem to accurately convey my emotions for the U.S.A.

With the exception of the ridiculous amount of time it took us to get home afterwards, it was the perfect day.

God bless America. Land that I love.


Alicia said...

Fun pictures! I missed you guys on the 4th. I don't know if anything will compare to last year!

Mike Brinkerhoff said...

I love the pic of Lindsay in her Jammies!! :)

Brooke said...

I love the last photo of the moon over the lake, my parents were there, too. Looks like a fun day and I am VERY impressed with your menu for the day- way to plan ahead!

Jan said...

I adore that area.

Your children are just beautiful. How fun for them.

Terri said...

How gorgeous! :) Sometimes you just need to take a break and it looks like you guys had a great time!

SuzanSayz said...

I see that Linds finally got that haircut. I love her with short hair, even in her jammies.
I'm glad you guys had so much fun.

LKP said...

HA! I'm so sorry the Batter Blaster BOMBED OUT!!! As soon as I saw the picture, I was rolling!!! =) Glad to hear you had a great time. 4th of July is so very close to our hearts for the same reasons (plus 1 w/ Daisy). Maybe that's why God gifted her to us on that day in particular?....hmmmmm....Happy Birthday to Abbey!!! 11 is a fun year, she'll enjoy it. Our 4th was eventful while not being eventful at the same time. Easy going. 'Twas perfect! =) We rented "Ink Heart" (good movie), and then hosted people as they came and went throughout the day. Dessert was Red White & Blue Shortcake/Pound cake with organic blueberries from Lott's place & strawberries w/ homemade glaze and homemade whipped cream-CERTIFIABLY YUMMY!!! Kids were in and outta the pool...we had the volleyball net up for VB or badminton, just didn't get use. =( From our side yard we were able to see the fireworks over the Columbia, the works at Edgar Brown Stadium, and the works at Gesa Stadium. Best part was that we didn't have to fight ANY of the insane traffic this year. Hope ya'll have a great week gearing up for a big birthday! =)

Marilyn said...

What? Pancakes in a can wasn't delicious? I'm shocked! Just kidding, well it was a great idea anyways, right?

Those houses look AMAZING!

By the way, I hope you guys are planning on being here for the fam. reunion! Did you get your flyer in the mail?

Stephanie said...

What a fun 4th you had. Beautiful girls

Jeanette said...

I'm glad you're still alive. ;)
Looks like you had a great week. I laughed at the pancake in a can. I have fallen for the "unique" items many times myself.

libbie said...

What a fun day! I'll remember to NEVER buy pancakes in a can!

Lisa said...

Pancakes in a can? I haven't seen that before!

I could totally live on that street! It looks dreamy.

And speaking of dreamy....your whole day looked dreamy. And magical. Glad you had such fun!

dani said...

happy belated fourth:D what a great day full of celebration and fun memories made, heidi!!!
i hope you all have been having an equally awesome summer:) it is flying by quickly here... katherine starts back to school in 3 weeks:(
much love,
dani xxxx
ps. i didn't realize about the song. i got in a hurry and just added it... lol, i am such a dork:P

Yarn Princess said...

Looks like you had a great time.

We tried Batter Blaster too. Didn't have taste issues but it sure didn't make much. I'd rather use the Bisquick shakers.

David said...

swimming and smores! what a fun 4th!!