Monday, July 20, 2009

We have a winner!!!!

Through the use of the random number generator of, we have selected the winner. The winner of the 100th post contest is Lisa Sorenson {insert fanfare here}.

She will be receiving her own set of Ms. Heidi's Ice Cream Toppings. I can't wait to make them and Jeff can't wait to assume his taste tester role.

Congrats Lisa and thank you to all who follow the blog and continue to be a part of the DeCoursey Project.

{Fade to music~Don't Stop Believin' by Journey}
Journey says congratulations Lisa.


debsters said...

I don't think I entered, darn it.

congratulations to LISA.

At some point I want a taste of those yummy sounding toppings.

Terri said...

Could we have a little tutorial on how to make these fab ice cream toppings? Because I think ice cream is a food group, and I could sure use some new toppings for one of my major food groups! :)

Congrats to the winner!

SuzanSayz said...

And seeing as how Donald and Lisa do the bulk of their ice cream eating at my house, I figure I stand a pretty good chance at a little taste testing of my own.

Lisa said...


Thank you, thank you!!!

Heidi, if your ice cream toppings are anything like all of your other culinary creations, I am in for a BIG TREAT!!!

And might I say that I love, love those letters! Where did you find them?

Whitaker Family said...

Lucky! Hopefully you'll show me how to make them too when you come to visit!

Brooke said...

You really go all out in announcing winners... I love it!!

I must add Don't Stop Believin' to my running play list! :)

David said...

congratulations lisa! is kinder to you on heidi's contests than it is on mine!

SuzanSayz said...

Well like a good mother I am back, even though it's the same post as yesterday. Just so I can click on your ads.

Amy J. said...

How do I always manage to miss your give aways! Dang nab it!

Amy J. said...

OK so don't believe what you read! Some (and by some I mean VERY few) people eat Shad. They are Nasty Nasty gross! The only reason people catch them around here is to use them as bait to catch Sturgeon. Oh, you could eat them if you wanted to, I wouldn't want to.

LKP said...

IMPRESSIVE!!!!!!! ....Journey in your corner, eh?.....sheez...all I got is a lousy Sesame Street vinyl record on repeat singin' "...somebody come and play with me, somebody come and play..." lol. Congrats to Lisa, darn for me! =)