Friday, August 14, 2009

Crisis in the DeCoursey family

I obviously didn't do a follow up birthday post about Lindsay. I'm still planing on doing one, just not for a bit.

We had some very serious news about Jeff's youngest sister Tracy. She went to the hospital on Friday for a chest cold. It got progressively worse and worse. On Lindsay's birthday she had been admitted and was starting to go down hill very fast.

We decided to come over to the Tri-Cities on Lindsay's birthday. She wanted to be with her Grandparents above anything else. The following day, we were ready to go home when we got the call. The antibiotics weren't working on what ever type of pneumonia Tracy had. She was ceasing to breath on her own. Her oxygen levels were dangerously low and the infection was spreading through her body.

About an hour later we got the call. If Tracy didn't improve, she wouldn't make it through the night. We headed to the hospital to try to see her. While we were on route they had to put her on the ventilator just to keep her alive. She was also put completely under to stop her from pulling the tubes out. The good news, her oxygen levels went back up to a safe level. They have even graduated her from 100% saturation to 50-50. They have now been able to identify one of the infections in her system and they're fighting it as hard as they can. It's a staph based phenomena. She must have gotten it while she was at work.

The bad news is they can't move her to do a chest scan. Her oxygen levels keep dropping if she moves. She is too delicate to even move to prevent bedsores. We don't know if the infection has spread to other parts of her body. She has a temperature that has the doctors worried that it is spreading.

So, because of this going on, I haven't really thought of anything else these last few days. I'm going to try to resume as normal. We have just been on high alert since Tuesday and we're waiting for things to make a real positive turn.

I would like to ask you all to please keep Tracy in your prayers.


David said...

well that is very unfortunate news :(

and we're off to a funeral. today is not a happy day, is it?

Whitaker Family said...

We would love to keep her and your family in our prayers.

Lisa said...

Your mom told me about Tracy yesterday and she has been on my mind quite a bit. I will keep her in my prayers :)

Terri said...

We're thinking of your family and praying for a good outcome.

Jeanette said...

I am so sorry to hear that. I will keep Tracy in my prayers and put her on the prayer roll in the temple.

dani said...

i just said a prayer, heidi... i hope that she is already doing better; bless her heart.
much love,
dani xxxx

libbie said...

many prayers coming from us too.

andrea said...

how awful :(

you are all in my thoughts and prayers

hang in there

LKP said...

my heart definitely goes out to your family right now. that's extremely scary stuff! my uncle's been at kadlec for over 2 months now battling infections even the mayo clinic hasn't been able to put a name or treatment to and its been a rollercoaster to say the least trying to get him 100% off the ventilator or cpap, not to mention get him talking w/o the tracheotomy box or swallowing on his own again. love ya oodles! let me know if there's anything else i can do to help you & your family out. definitely in our thoughts & prayers! BIGGEST BLOG HUGS EVER!!!

Melanee said...

My thoughts are with Tracy and your family. We wish you guys the best and the strength to handle the battle. Keep us posted!

Kelly said...

When I heard the news I immediately thought back to freshman English with Mr. Woodford and I saw Tracy sitting across the classroom. It was unreal to think that somebody I know that's my age could die so suddenly.

I'm really happy she's doing better and she'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

Mike Brinkerhoff said...

I'm not sure how I missed this post, but I saw both of Abbey's so at least I don't feel like I was un-informed... Hopefully by now (Sunday) she's doing much better... I sure hope so!

LKP said...

agreed! the actual box of awesome was icing on the cake compared to the friendship we share now as a result! =)
so where is Tracy? which hospital? here in TC's or in Spokane?
i know what you mean about the emergency dept being in trouble. same thing happened with my uncle! in my opinion, the level of care ANYone receives in that part of the hospital is the absolute worst!
on the little victories front, that's been the same with my uncle. no big news, just grateful there are the little victories which are little miracles in their own right, but yeah...they're the only things that continue to give us hope. i think Heavenly Father knows that, so as to help us fully exercise our faith that's what He sends us, little bursts of hope here & there. little reminders that its in His hands & to trust Him. there are so many days i tell Him (the majority of my praying is constant & ongoing like an open conversation in my head, just not always on my knees) "i know its your way, its just frightening to not know now what the ultimate outcome you have in mind is." but it seems to be okay when i tell Him this...i still feel comforted. there are days too that i think He has to take some of our loved ones in this type of manner so that its easier on us....i know that sounds weird, but in order to fit His timing, if He just took them outta the blue we'd have a harder time just letting them go & keep our faith in Him. this way, after watching all they have to suffer through, its easier for us to let them go knowing they're in a better place, no longer in pain. does that make sense? its only a theory i have. that's all. but then for others who walk so close to death & then recover, perhaps its a trial similar to that of Job in the Bible. not sure, but these situations have definitely got the hamster wheels in my head a'turnin' & my heart uber tender.
gotta tell ya, Tracy was most definitely on my mind & in my heart last night, but to hear my sweet Daisy pray for her---Oh, Heidi! i wish you could have heard it and felt the Spirit's arms around the situation the way i did last night!
love ya tons. hang in there, and let me know how else we can help. =)

Stephanie said...

i am so sorry to hear about Tracy. I will definately keep her in my prayers

LKP said...

not to perpetuate the "what ifs" too much, but i was wondering if it was kadlec as that's where my uncle is too! so what if the complication of the respiratory distress thing was something they picked up in the ER or while in the hospital, ya know? just a thought.
glad to have the Gospel as well. i know EXACTLY what you mean. =)
were you guys down for the big Matthews family reunion this last weekend then? i know the Spurgeon kids, Caziers, and Henrys were also involved in it this week. or were you home in spokane? know that your family's still in our thoughts & prayers.
i'll pass the message on to Daisy. hang in there. =)

Jan said...

I am so sorry Heidi. This is not good news. I hope things are looking better by now. Prayers your way.