Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day....

So, I get a day off from getting the kids up and ready for school. That three days in a row last week was grueling you know.

I have a pretty full schedule today. I have two boxes of peaches to can. First time doing this, fingers crossed. :) I really can't wait. One of my favorite things to consume is canned peaches. I could eat a bottle a day... mmmm...peaches....{drooool}.

Pig Out in the Park is having it's last day today and my good buddy Lanae and I are going to hit it up for lunch. My brother Kelly was just here over the weekend to enjoy a little bit of Pig Out. Free bands, dirty weird hippies, and all the mostly over priced food you care/can afford to eat. Good times.

Later this evening is the annual Parker corn feed. They are a family in our ward that hold a BBQ on every Labor day. They supply the chicken, fry bread with honey butter, and of course corn. We need to bring the side dishes. They have a nice house out in the more rural area of where we live. It's good times. We also have a family that throws a Memorial day BBQ every year in our ward. Ya, our ward is pretty much the best ward ever.

After putting the kids to bed, Jeff and I will pop in a movie and probably pop a can of peaches open too. I know I won't be able to wait. I hope you all enjoy your day as well.

The big announcement will come tomorrow.


Alicia said...

That sounds like a fun labor day! I hope you enjoy yourself! Also I'm totally looking forward to your announcement!

Stephanie said...

Fresh Canned peaches are the best.
So glad you had a wonderful weekend

Jeanette said...

I am anxiously awaiting the announcement!!!

Lisa said...

Sorry I didn't call you back. Brad and Misty stopped by, and then when they left we had to head out the door to a sutprise party for a neighbor.

anyways, your post had me drooling. Sounds like there are some good eats in Spokane at this time of year.

I'll call you tomorrow. :)