Thursday, May 20, 2010

For Lisa, Elisabeth, and the angry athiest.

This is my response to my sister in law's blog. She has recently been under fire for her decision to not abort her youngest child.

Well, we've all heard what the angry atheist had to say.

I think it's interesting that Lisa never mentioned god or any other deity, yet that's what you pulled out of thin air to attack. Someone had an agenda and was just waiting for the right moment to attack. Why can't you just leave people alone about their personal beliefs anyways? It's none of my business if you want to worship a pink unicorn, or Satan. Feel free.

For your information though, not that it will do you any good since you are one of the worst types of ignorant people, the root reason for keeping Elisabeth had nothing to do with God. It was the very primal urge and instinct to keep and love what is yours. Lisa and Donald created her and loved her from the moment they knew her heart beat. That isn't from indoctrination, that is animal, that is natural. That is the human condition. That is also their choice. I do believe women still have the freedom to choose in this country, right? GOT THAT? THEY LOVED HER AND WANTED HER! No religion entered into that decision. There is your answer. You don't have to be curious anymore. I hope you're not too thick for it. If you think that is selfish, you're welcome to whatever warped opinion you want.

If you are going to attack them on the Darwinian belief system, then I hope you make that your standard for all life including yours. I'm sure you wouldn't want to be a self righteous hypocrite.

So, if you see a child run into the street while you are driving, don't slow down. You must run them over, it's scientifically the right thing to do. Must thin out the week and stupid. I suppose that goes for anyone that has any type of accident or misfortune that befalls them, or you for that matter.

I also hope that you don't utilize modern medicine. Tisk, tisk. That just serves the purpose of preserving life that otherwise wouldn't exist. So if you or your child were to get AIDS, diabetes, hit by a car, or cancer the responsible and unselfish thing to do would be to do nothing and let yourselves die. After all, we wouldn't want anyone to live a less than normal life. It would also be the unselfish decision.

I also find it hard to believe that someone, such as yourself, would comment on something you know nothing about. Have you ever known a mentally handicapped person, intimately? I grew up with one. My brother Shawn. He is happy and lovely. I can't imagine my life without him. I'm sure he can't imagine having no life at all. If you were to ask him, 'Shawn, would you rather not exist?' He would let you know that not only does he exist, he thrives.

The bottom line here is you are ignorant. You are hateful. You are a bully. You are also dabbling in Nazism, eew. If it were my standard of 'normal' it would be people like you who wouldn't have kids. Your children will no doubt be just as hateful and ignorant as their angry atheist mother, why would we want them poisoning OUR world?


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Melanee said...

I read this and was completely appalled. I was SSOOOO angry, I went to your sisters blog and started looking for these "idiots" (nicest I could come up for a G rated blog). I was going to give them a piece of my mind. And I don't think I would have been nice at all. But I started to read your sisters blog, which I am going to read more about later, and discovered the sweetest spirit ever. Your sister is truly an angel. I would never sully her page with back and forth banter of an insane person (them- not me) but I wanted you to know that I don't blame you for being upset at these "idiots". I am mad too and I don't even know you sister.

Some peoples kids!!??!!

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Mike Brinkerhoff said...

Heidi, you're my hero!! It's SO good to hear from you again!

(miss ya)


SuzanSayz said...

Heidi, this is one of the best things you've ever written!
I don't know if sarah will make it over here to read this but I would sure like to hear her try to defend her ugly ideas against these points you so wonderfully made.

dani said...

you go, heidi!
much love,
dani xxxx

LKP said...

Great voice, luv. I didn't even know about all this until today. And even then, the details are a bit sketchy. However, I adore & support everything you said. Especially considering the kind of people Lisa & Don are, not to mention how they've loved & handled all of Elizabeth's physical trials. Wow, that lady's comments were so uncalled for! BIGGEST HUGS TO YOU for standing up for what is right. I love you & miss you.
Was sad that it was such a short, whirlwind visit. But thanks again for letting Dani & I stay with you. It was a weekend we both needed so much, but especially Dani. Turned out to be life-altering. So thank you a million times more for being there for us. When are you visiting again? I want you to come see the new place! It IS tiny but I'm starting to LOVE that!!! Know that you're often in my thoughts, and I miss you oodles! Next time we get together, we are soooo gaming it up! =)

xoxoxo---squeeze Abbey for me, please! Well, BOTH your girls. Be sure they hug you back for me too!

Tammy said...

Several years ago I was hired to paint a young girl's room. Both parents, who happened to be doctors, adoring their little girl asked me to paint a mural to match wallpaper border they had lovingly picked out. This sweet girl was struck with a neurological disease which kept her ona feeding tube and stole her ability to talk and robbed her parents ability to see her smile. I spent 2 days....8 hours apiece....painting the intricate design and giving her a room filled with bright colored sea animals and corals.

They insisted I be there when her father carried her in, cradled in his arms. Her eyes opened wide taking in the new bright colored walls. Surprising to all of us a smile spread slowly across her face as she saw the giant pink octopus. Tears felt all of our eyes as we watched her laught and smile for the first time clapping her hands...was it worth carrying her to full term or should they have aborted her. On that day, they knew their choice was right, because on that day...she smiled and laughed. Kudos to your sister-in-law!!! My heart is with her.

jenW said...

You are beautiful and this makes me LOVE you even more. Well said Heidi!

Lisa said...

my hero :)

Alicia said...

I hope everything's going ok for you! I miss your posts!

David said...

a month and a half of no blogging? what gives!?

lisa told me that "The Young Victoria" put her and donald to sleep! I thought it was terrific. and lisa said you liked it too! we'll have to knock some sense into her!