Tuesday, November 11, 2008

DeCoursey's Halloween Treat!

Oh, Halloween, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways....

It's a lot, trust me. We take Halloween very seriously in our home. Jeff takes it off from work every year. We get our yard really spooky, get some really good candy, make the girls whatever costume they desire, and plan out the most strategic trick or treating route you've ever seen!

I don't know where my fondness for this holiday came from, all I know is it was always there. I love the surreal and I enjoy the macabre. I thrive on theatrics, so why wouldn't I love Halloween? I count myself lucky that I married a man with the same fondness for the holiday. Here is his costume. He loves the reaction he gets from it. Now don't go thinking that he runs after little children trying to terrify them. He would never do that...he just has to walk by and that does the job. All in good spirit, I promise. Abbey and Lindsay like to pretend that he is their own personal monster that they have beaten into submission and made into a guide for their night of fun. They will say, "Where to now monster!". Jeff will simply raise his hand in a direction and the girls will follow, they love it. (he has two different shrouds, he could only find the lightweight one this year, hence the clothes underneath showing. Really, I think it was only because of the flash.)

I make their costumes most years. My mom is a great seamstress and she does the ones that are just to complicated for me. I am just learning how to sew. Most times it's not even with a pattern. I just wing it. Usually because I become frustrated with the pattern and I think to myself, "I can do better on my own!". If I can buy it, I do. The girls and I can never seem to find just the right one, and I end up having to make it to suit their specifications. This year I made Abbey's witch costume all by myself! I am so proud! I used a pattern and everything. Lindsay's princess costume was made by my mom a couple of years ago as a Christmas present. It usually serves as her party dress, but she decided that it would be acceptable as Halloween attire.

We went to the Tri-Cities this year for Halloween. My mom really wanted us to go. She pointed out that if we move away, she wont be able to see the girls, and she wants to spend as much time with them as possible until we leave. So sure. Why not? They missed a day of school, we packed up the pumpkins and we had a great weekend with the old family. I even helped hand out candy from my parents garage.

Our pumpkins turned out really great. Jeff did a perfect Charlie Brown face. Mine was very sly and the girls did happy faces (kind of boring, but they have room for improvement.)

The nice thing about maybe moving to Vegas, costume wise, they will be able to wear what ever they want. If Lindsay wants to be a fairy, she wont have to wear a bunch of layers underneath. I always wanted that when I was a kid. I felt awful having to put a coat on over my really cool costume. I refused the year I dressed up as Jem. I froze, but I looked TRULY OUTRAGEOUS!

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I have developed a layering system under my girls costumes. They have never been cold and they have never needed to wear a coat.

Well thanks for reading. I need to go take some more dayquil and get something to eat. Stupid flu.


Lisa said...

You have the flu?? That is lame.

Well, your girls looked amazing this year, as always. I think that you take after your mom when it comes to sewing. Your work is beautiful.

Um....and I think you are going to probably think I am crazy...but who (or what) is jem???

Apparantly something I missed out on in my childhood.

Take care. Feel better soon!

Mike Brinkerhoff said...

Love the pics, the story, THE FACT THAT YOU'RE BLOGGING!!

Great stuffs, thanks for sharing, and keep 'em coming!

SuzanSayz said...

Heidi I know that most the pictures were taken at my house but where were you guys at when you took the one of Linds?

SuzanSayz said...

Oh! Silly me. I just looked at it again and realized it was just a long shot of the garage. For some reason it had looked to me like a cafeteria somewhere.

Lisa said...

Susan....your garage basically does transform into a cafeteria on Halloween....bandy bars and hot cider on the menu...yum!

The Donald said...

Dad looks like an escaped convict with that hat on. He dressed up for Halloween, and didn't even know it.

Cindy Brinkerhoff said...

These are great pictures, I love your writing! I bet you were a awesome JEM... I also love Halloween, alot! It is the magic of it, being whatever you want for a night. And I love the kids excitement, it is infectious.

Jan said...

Your family and extended are all too much fun. I can't keep up with you all. Great job on the costumes and love the pictures too. You do go all out.

Now get some rest and hope that wind blew your flu away.

Whitaker Family said...

Your girls looks so cute! I wish you would get in front of the camera sometime too :). Hope you feel better soon.