Monday, November 24, 2008

Shave and a haircut, two bits!.....My foot.

I kind of took a few days off of blogging. I am really gearing up for this Thursday. I love Thanksgiving. Some of my best memories are of Thanksgiving. As a grown up, I like to think of it as the Olympics in cooking. I am excited for it. I will most likely do another post about it later. So anyway, I had parent teacher conferences at the school today. Really, not so painful this year. I usually have one that is stellar and one that I feel like I have to explain what is wrong with my child. They seem to switch every year. This year is Abbey's year to be good. Oh, and it was. She is doing really well. She has all A's and B's. She even got and "E" in P.E. That's exceeds expectations people! I did a double take at it. "In P.E. you say?" This is the child that usually gets a "N" for needs improvement. I was shocked and pleased.

Oh, Lindsay. My little Lou Lou. She is doing really good in everything except math. I don't know what went wrong. Last year she was so ahead of the curve they were thinking of putting her in an advanced class. This year, DUD. Her teacher thinks that she just needs to apply herself more and she will do better. Isn't that always the answer? What store sells apply? I know that she is very smart. Her tests and teachers tell me she is very smart, but she needs to apply herself. (Sigh) I will do what I can. What that is, I don't know yet. So a little improvement is needed there.

I am realizing that they are under more stress than usual this year. Their Dad doesn't have a job and they are worried about it. Also, if Jeff gets a job, they are worried about moving away. So maybe that could be a contributing factor. On a side note, I saw a sample of her writing and I was blown away by how good it was.

OK, so afterward I am heading to the store to get them some flash cards to bulk up on their basic math skills. I am in line getting ready to pay and Abbey wants to know if she can get her hair cut. She has been bugging me about this for quite a while. At this point I just want to pay for the cards, go home, and relax. My first answer to her is no. Then it starts. The little voice in my head. It starts telling me things like, "She might really need this for a little confidence boost" or "She did do a really good job in school so far" and also "Her hair has been looking a bit raggedy lately" I do this all the time. I really need to think it through before I just give my gut answer.

So, there is a hair cutting place in this store. I try not to ever go there. I just have a feeling that it won't end well, but I just have a feeling that it's really important for Abbey to do this. We go in. We are ignored. I walk around to find the women that work there. I let them know that someone wants them to do something other than drink coffee and talk about dancing with the stars.

Alrighty, Abbey hops up and the lady asks me if we want her hair shampooed. Since it's included you betcha I want her hair shampooed. As she's walking her back she stunned me by asking, "Do you want her hair conditioned? That's a dollar extra."
WHAT? How cheap are you to charge for conditioner? It would have served her right if I had said no! Abbey has famously snarly hair that is impossible to comb through without the aid of conditioner. I was going to say no just to make it harder for her. Yes, I really would have too, if Abbey didn't also have one of the most sensitive heads on the planet. I grudgingly agreed to be robbed of my one dollar.

The haircut went quickly(thank goodness)and she asked me what I thought. I really couldn't tell. Her hair just looked wet. I pointed this out and she informed me it would be 3 bucks if I wanted her to dry it.....uuuhh WHAAAT? Does this include you styling it or is that just you making it not dripping wet? I asked her that very question. She informed me that if I wanted it styled it would be even more, the 3 bucks is just to get it dry. I just couldn't believe this place. Are you kidding me? Not to mention that it's cold outside and probably not a good idea to send clients with wet heads out there.

At this point I just wanted to pay and go. I felt violated after I did. It's the kind of violation you feel when you are trying to turn left and you have a red arrow in your lane, a green if you go strait, with no one coming in the opposite direction and you are STUCK waiting there!

Not to forget to mention, Lindsay wanted a bang trim. I asked how much a simple children's bang trim would be, 9 dollars! That is one big reason I HATE bangs! I am really trying to convince her to go back to the good old days of no bangs. I just can't make myself pay for them to be cut right and I do a really crappy job.

I think I need to have some me time and relax.

My next post will be happier. I promise.

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SuzanSayz said...

Ya know Heidi, maybe you need to discover the beauty school. They usually do a pretty good job, and an instructor is there if things start to go south.
About Lindsay's bangs, I can cut them for you. And before you say what I know you're going to say, I DO TOO know how to cut bangs. Sheesh, ya make ONE mistake (or maybe two) and you're marked for life.

Em and Ms said...

I can't believe that! Since when did salons start nickel and diming you like that (or in your case, dollaring and 3 dollaring)? Crazy!

Jan said...

Have they all become Doctors or something. That is nuts. Bangs for your buck.

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness!!!! What a complete rip off. An extra dollar for a dime sized amount of conditioner?! I would totally have made them suffer and forced them to comb through a tangled head of hair (sorry Abbey)....or do they charge extra to comb through it??

Anyways, after you got home and the hair dryed, did it look OK?

I guess I'll see 'the cut' in person in just a few days :)

Jenne said...

Okay girlfriend, you are cracking me up! I know what you mean about the being robbed at the Haircutters, however I think it is always way worse when you take your car in to get your oil changed. But anyhoo,I am sorry to hear that Jeff is not working. Maybe you should move to the Tricities. Just a thought. I also cannot believe that you didnt love the Twilight series, are you blind???? Did you read what I read. I loved it!

libbie said...

I like to think of Thanksgiving as the Olympics of eating!

About the haircut. WOW. I am completely blown away. I guess I have been having friends cut my kids hair for a good reason! If I went into a store and they told me it was that much for a simple bang trim, I think my jaw would have hit the floor.

libbie said...
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dani said...

was the name of that salon, "ala carte"??? i'd have been a little ill, too!!!
i hope you will have a happier tuesday, heidi:)

The Donald said...

That is horrible!

Oh yes...she you guys soon!

Kelly said...

I'm willing to bet the lazy... umm, impolite lady would have gladly let you do it yourself so she could go back to her engaging conversation... for 20 dollars!

With any luck she'll be downsized and will have to go work at an even more low rent hair cutting place. Where instead of Dancing with the Stars, they talk about the dinner stuffs they'd run over with their car the night before.