Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fall Colors

I know that I am not alone when I say that I love Fall. The cooler weather, the warmer comforting food, holidays, pumpkin edibles, and of course the colors. I feel really lucky to live in a place with loads of trees that turn from green to Technicolor.

I think people have an impression of Spokane as being ugly, industrial, and cement covered. I had that opinion too, but that's because I had really only been up and down devision and that is a really ugly and looooong street. If you go to the outer edges of Spokane it really is quite pretty. I especially like where we live and the South Hill. Our area is all pine trees, but the South Hill is lot's of little neighborhoods with tree-lined streets and parks. One of the parks is the Japanese Gardens in Manito park. I love to photograph it every year. The colors are amazing, and sometimes hard to believe. One of the trees is so bright red, I just stare at it for a good 5 minutes before moving on....hey, you would too if you saw it! Anyway, I didn't get many pictures of the girls in them this year (not being very cooperative) but I did get some great stunners. So, I am mostly making this post a picture post. I hope you enjoy my pictures of this beautiful treasure in Spokane. Man I sound sappy don't I... ; c P


Lisa said...

Those are the most beautiful pictures you have ever taken! Gorgeous....I need to go there. But I have a feeling that by the time we come up in a few weeks I will have missed the colors.

It looks like the kind of place where you would want to go and sit...for bring a book and read little bit. Heaven on earth...that's what it looks like.

Thanks for sharing.

SuzanSayz said...

Beautiful Heidi. I'm glad that you are giving everyone a chance to see what a great photographer you are.

Em and Ms said...

Wow, those pictures are incredible! I wish I could go walk through those gardens and enjoy the fall colors. Beautiful!

libbie said...

Great pics . . . I LOVE MANITO PARK. I wish I lived closer to it. Okay, not really, but the TC could really use some scenery like that!

I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised that you started a blog. I thoroughly enjoy the writings of the Sorenson's. You guys are all such good writers and oh so clever!

Sorry you couldn't take reading the rest of the article. It was a good one! And you are 100% right about Reagan. Could we please find some of his DNA somewhere and clone him? (minus the Alzheimers the poor fellow got later on in life).I alson find myself and very tired of all of the politics too, and I really like politics. It just seemed like it got really hateful this time around. More so than usual. And people are still crazy about it (okay, I am too, but more so on the inside). I mean, look at the jack ass who left that comment on my blog. Seriously, all I was saying was show a little respect. I mean, come on. I even gave BO a shout out!!!! Whatevas. They got schooled!

So to get a site meter, just go to It is simple to sign up. You just get an account, and then they will tell you how to attach it to your blog. If you have any more questions, you know where I hang out!

Whitaker Family said...

Wow! I had no idea you were such a great photographer. I love the fall too!

Jan said...

That is beyond gorgeous. I have to go there to some time. Especially in the Fall it looks like. Beautiful. Great job on your photos too.

The Garden Maiden said...

great shots. I have been wanting to go to this garden for years. I LOVE the south hill area. That is where I fell in love with gardens and what inspired me to get into gardening. I strolled the streets with a friend about 15 years ago peeking into the gardens of some mansions. Their "gardeners" were out working in the beautifully manicured "yards" filled with fountains and statues and flowers beyond belief. I was inspired.

We have contemplated moving to Spokane a time or two. The desert isn't really our bag, but our family is here. So we have converted our 1/2 acre and planted 40+ trees all with either spring or fall color, some have both. This year was an especially colorful fall since we didn't have a killing frost.

Sorry for spilling my guts in your comments. :)

Misty said...

Who knew spokane was so beautiful. I thought you pulled those pictures off someones web are amazing!!!!
We have to go this weekend!

Thanks for the side dishes today! It was so fun. I hope your house is still standing!