Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pulling teeth

I hate getting my kids ready for school in the morning! AAAHHHH! Lindsay is the worst! I love that child, but in the morning, AARG! Not to say that Abbey doesn't have her moments, usually she doesn't need much prompting. Oh boy, not Lindsay. It takes her almost 30 min to wake up and eat her breakfast...that's it. The tv is not on. The radio is not on. There aren't any fun puzzles on the back of cereal boxes for her to get lost in. I have to tell her to put a spoon of food in her mouth every two minutes.

Lindsay is constantly singing too. Sometimes it's a song she heard on the radio, mostly it's little songs she makes up. I love this about her, but it impedes the morning routine quite a bit. She will stare off into space and think about how her song is sounding or should sound. The singing doesn't even stop with the brushing of the teeth. In fact, that's how I know that she's stopped brushing, the singing starts up.

No punishment, threat, bribe, plan, or pleading can get this child ready in the morning. Some mornings I just grab her and hug her. I look her strait in the eye and say, "Please! I beg you, just brush your hair." Anything can be inserted in the request line actually.

If Jeff gets the girls ready in the morning, he needs a check list for them. You might think this unnecessary, but let me tell you a few of the items. These are all things that Jeff has missed.
{p.s. Jeff was very grateful for the list and it was his request to have it.}

Lindsay's List:
Brushes her hair
{it's a mass of rats and fluffs in the morning, I don't know how she sleeps at night to achieve it}

Wears a shirt that is not
a. tank top
b. dirty
c. two sizes too small {she pulls them out of donation bags and hides them. She finds it hard to let go of things she loves}

Wears pants that are not
a. from yesterday
b. dirty {usually this goes hand in hand with yesterday, but not always}
c. two sizes too small {she has a thing for high waters}

Wears underwear, you have to check. {she hates underwear. always has}

Puts her homework in her backpack, not on her wall, garbage, bathroom, washing machine, or taped to a window. {she likes to tape random things up in random places}

Wears clean socks that fit and match.

Brushes her teeth with her own toothbrush {she likes to use Abbey's. I am certain this is part of some ongoing plot of revenge she has. All I know is, it makes Abbey very upset and can start a fight.}

There's more to the list. I just wanted to share some of the more ridiculous and silly parts. All very necessary I can assure you. Ahh, I just needed to vent. I feel a lot better now. Do any of your kids have weird stuff on their proverbial lists? Maybe I'm just special to have the challenge and blessing of a Lindsay.


Mike Brinkerhoff said...

You're SO not alone...

I'm sure Cindy could give you a good sampling of our lists, but one of the things that I never in my life would have thought I'd say, was to Andy, "you can't read the Thomas Guide until you've done (insert task here)"

Yes, the Thomas Guide. The book of local maps. It was his recreational reading of choice for years!

Lisa said...

Ah...sweet little Lindsay :) She is a free spirit! So is she finally agreeing to the underwear thing?

SuzanSayz said...

Having had her spend lots of time at my house, I can verify that it's all true. Some days she will still be in her pajamas at lunch time. It's always nice when Michael or Nicky want her to come out and play. With the proper motivation she can be dressed, brushed, (both hair and teeth)shoes on and out the door in under fifteen minutes.
Where's Michael when you need him?

::Jan:: said...

Ugg.. for sure. Hang in there girl. This mommy thing is sometimes hair pulling.

Love your background too Heidi.

libbie said...

Oh. Wow. THIS . . . is AVA! There is nothing i can do or say to make this child obey/listen/wear her own clothes and not Lila's/stop throwing fits. So i am thinking from reading this post, that i am doomed to another 15 years of this? Oh bother . . . . . .

dani said...

she sounds like the funniest little girl, heidi!!! i wonder if she will out grow this phase. i had to "do" katherine's hair every morning of her life until this past september. i was out of town and she was forced to roll her own hair for a date. it was about time!!!

The Donald said...

HA! Your list was hilarious! I can totally picture the Lindsay doing all of those things!!!

Jeanette said...

Mornings are rough here too. Especially because I'm not a morning person either. I have to time my 2nd daughter every morning. "2 more minutes to finish your breakfast...1 more minute to brush your teeth...RUN the bus is coming!" Every morning it's the same song and dance.