Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentines Day. I wish I could be back at Eastgate.

I don't think I will ever enjoy Valentines Day like I did when I was in Elementary School. I loved the party, with the homemade treats. Making various Valentine holders. The excitement of what I was going to get or give.

I always picked out each valentine for each kid in my class. If there was a boy I thought was cute, he got the most romantic one. Usually, it would profess my adoration or something. When I got older, it was the thing to hand pick the candy hearts for people. What you sent was a direct representation of your secret twitterpation.

I made extra cards one year. I knew that there was a boy that some kids would skip. They thought he was weird, or dumb, or smelled funny, they just didn't like him. I brought extra for that occasion. I would drop more than one valentine into his pouch. If I was passing out candy, I would give him more. I think I might of even given him some of my own stuff. I just remember my heart would break if/when the teacher would chastise the class for not giving things to all the kids. The year before, he was in my class. I remember he cried when we were all done. He got maybe 10 valentines. After the teacher scolded the class, most of us got up and brought him something. I was determined to make it better the next year, if he was in my class that is.

These are all vivid, cherished memories. I really miss those days sometimes. I hated school, but those days when we celebrated the holidays would make the year slightly tolerable.

Now my girls are getting to experience the fun of Valentines Day. To my surprise, Lindsay wants to give a "special" treat to a boy in her class this year. She's going to bring him a heart lollypop. I asked her if he liked her, fully expecting to hear, "MOOOoooOM!". She quickly said yes, followed by a giggle. I asked her how she knew. Lindsay replied, " He told me at reccess. He asked me to be his girlfriend. I said no Mom, I told him i couldn't have boyfriend for a long time." Jeff heard this conversation and of course had to put in his, " Do I need to have a talk with this boy?" Lindsay thought that was soooo funny.

This is Abbey's last year of handing out valentines. She is a bit sad, but she thinks she's ready to grow up....NOOOOOOOOO!

I am getting them ready as I write this. We got up an hour earlier. Today, hair will be curled, nails will be painted pink and red, and fruity body spray will be applied. It's a special day. Tomorrow will be even better. That's when we have our family date.

Happy Valentines Day!

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SuzanSayz said...

Even though I'm well aware that Abbey's in fifth grade, I guess it hadn't occured to me that this was her last year of an actual school Valentines Day party.
Do you remember the one year when I helped you make your super, super, fancy, Valentine Box. As I recall we even put a plastic cupid on it.
I hope you Jeff and the girls have a lovely Valentine party.
BTW that last little valentine pictured, is a perfect example of the kind we had when I was a kid.
The character ones that every child insists on nowadays, are cute but there was just something magical about the old style Valentine cards.

Em and Ms said...

Such wonderful memories, thanks for sharing! That's so funny about Lindsay and "the boy." And so sweet of you to be thinking of others feelings even as a little girl. Happy Valentine's Day!

::Jan:: said...

Oh the memories of school times. Some good, bad and just plain ugly.

Love the Valentine stories and your daughter is completely normal :)

Have a great day tomorrow and thanks for the mention Heidi. So sweet.

Lisa said...

Alexandra experienced her first elementary school Valentine party today and I was telling her how those were my FAVORITE school memories!

{you should post a picture of your nails!}

Cindy Brinkerhoff said...

What a great day, i hope the girls had fun at their parties and that Lindsey recieved a special valentine from "that boy".

We usually do a family valentine party too, this year it is just Mike, Danee and me... I think there may be lobster on the menu!

Jeanette said...

Things were much simpler in those days weren't they?!

Cute Valentine cards. Happy Valentine's day to you and your sweet loved ones.

Mike Brinkerhoff said...

I love the old style valentines too... The licensed character ones just seem so contrived!

Hope you had a great Valentines day, and that Jeff was good to you.

Cindy and I took my mom out to a nice dinner - no lobster, but we did all have steak and shrimp!

dani said...

awwwww, heidi, i miss those days... (for katherine and for myself;)!!! you have such a big heart; it was/is always so sad to see another child be teased... and, yes, even worse ignored.
i hope the decoursey's had a wonderful valentine's day:D

Whitaker Family said...

That is so funny about your girls giving out special treats! I totally remember reading more into the Valentines that I recieved, thinking that maybe some boy liked me :). I sent a Val-a-gram to Alec. He came home and asked me if it was me who sent it. He was pretty disappointed when I said yes. Thought it might have been from a girl :).

Lisa said...

New post! New post! New post!

(your fans are waiting)

Kristin said...

I still feel guilty because I gave K.D. a card that had an astronaut on it and was more for a boy and she gave me a beautiful card. I was always more careful after that.