Friday, March 13, 2009

3 days left. A bit of something.

Parent teacher conferences were really good yesterday! I had nothing to fear. Lindsay has shown a marked improvement and her testing scores jumped an amazing amount. I feel better.
Abbey is doing very well and has practically an A average. I think with a little more work we can definitely achieve an solid A average by the end of the year. Next year is middle school for her, hopefully the hard work now will make the transition easier for her.

Favorite thing right now, tulips! I just can't lay off. It started from Jeff getting them for me for Valentines day. They just brighten my mood so much! I need to get some more though, my lovely orange ones have expired. Maybe I could put some in the Box of Awesome.

Good thing to eat? I made a traditional Hawaiian fruit salad and I LOVE IT!!! I think I will post the recipe next week. It's delicious and not too high in points, yet tastes like it is. Oh, by the way, I have lost almost 25 pounds with counting points. Yay! I feel really proud. It makes me think I can meet my goal. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. {I'm channeling Dory}

Jeff is taking his final test on Saturday. He will then be licenced to sell most all insurances and annuities. Hopefully, he can start making some money with this. If anyone out there need help with their retirement planning, let us know. Jeff's your man.

Finally, I would like to know, see the Watchmen or not? I am leaning towards not. I think I'll just send Jeff to go and see it. Has anyone seen it? Can you give me a recommendation to either see it, or stay home?

Alrighty, have a good weekend everyone. Mine will be filled with the beginnings of Spring cleaning and reading all of the applicable garden books I can get my hands on.

TTFN {ta ta for now}

The contest is one more down. Sunday is the last day! Thanks. : )


:Jan the crazy lady: said...

Glad it all went well.

Good luck Jeff. Give him tulips if he passes Heidi...

Lisa said...


Also, don't see Watchmen. Aome of Donald's buddy's went and saw it and I heard them saying how it was really gruesome and that they probably shouldn't have gone to see it.


Happy Spring Cleaning!

debsters said...

Fantastic job on the weight loss Heidi, not an easy task, I know.

I love parent/teacher conferences. They give me a chance to learn what we need to focus on over the summer (my poor kids never get a break)

Have a fantastic day.

Em and Ms said...

My tulips have been blooming and I'm loving it! Great news with the kids and your weight loss! Way to go!

KaTrina said...

25 POUNDS?!?!?! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...Ask Kelly about Watchmen.

dani said...

tulips are my FAVORITE flowers:)))
WOO-HOO!!! on the 25lbs, heidi:D

Kelly said...

I completely forgot, but you, Jeff and I should go see Watchmen when I visit. You can watch it beforehand, but it wouldn't it be better if you waited? Hmm?

It's an amazing movie and any questions you might have afterwards I can answer :)

You can watch it before then though :P

Kelly said...

Oh, yes and definitely congratulations on the 25 pounds!!! :)

David said...

my blog page gives watchmen a 3 1/2 star rating. bold, visionary, a bit uneven. violent, yes. it's up to you to decide if that's something you're willing to see or not.