Monday, March 16, 2009

And the winner is.......................................................

I would like to thank everyone that entered. I am really amazed at how popular this giveaway was. I am definitely going to do the box of awesome again. The thing I didn't count on, was how hard it was going to be to pick a winner. I really wish I could give something to everyone, I really do!

Last night, Jeff compiled all the names onto a spreadsheet and tallied up all of your votes. {Limit being up to five of course} He then assigned random numbers to each person, the more you entered the more numbers you were assigned. Then we used a random number generator to pick the winner. So without further delay, the winner of the BOX'O'AWESOME is....


Because it was so hard for me to pick just ONE winner I have two runner ups that get a mini BOX'O'AWESOME.


Just for the tenacity and hilarious contributions, I am going to award the commenter that commented the most. The funny thing is there was a tie. With 14 entries each.

You will receive something yummy from the kitchen of Heidi.

If you didn't win this time, I hope you had fun playing. I hope you will come back and be my blog friend. I am going to do another contest next month too. It might be the box of awesome, or something else. This giveaway has been really fun for me and it's taken my mind off of stupid everyday crap that I'm tired of dealing with. : ) So just a big thank you.

On a side note, I have no idea why blogger is making the lettering so big. If someone could tell me why, that would be great.


Mike Brinkerhoff said...

See?? I told you I was just keeping pace with Lisa, and NOT TRYING to break rules and stuff... And my tenacity has paid off!!

Although you've taught me a valuable lesson: Next time, don't just keep pace, but CRUSH THE COMPETITION!!!!

Lisa said...

I just got home and remembered that the big reveal was today and ran upstairs to check and.....


Heidi...this was so much fun! Thanks for letting me be a sub-winner!

LKP said...

woot woot! i've never won anything before (minus one GINORMOUS pair of stuffed valentine bears whose noses magneted together from hallmark about 7 years ago---no joke, GINORMOUS was an understatement, they were bigger than me! my then fiance[now hubby] had to seatbelt them into the cab of his truck to bring em home & kids were waving & laughing at him the whole ride over! lol.) BUT TO WIN AWESOMENESS? THIS IS TRULY AN HONOR. Thanks oodles. Do you need my email, is that how this works? If so,

Heidi, this was the coolest funnest giveaway to be a part of, and to read other people's entries too. It made being sick not as miserable. =) Thanks again.

LKP said...

P.S. glad to hear conferences went well. good conferences=your little munchkins are officially brilliant, as if you didn't already know that! but, good to know they got your genes, right? lol, j/k to your hunny. we had them this last week too, and i was seriously PTFQCSDing real bad(Post Traumatic First-Quarter-Conference Stress Disorder). turns out our daisy has done better w/ grades, and transitioned well from mainstream to the high-cap class change from semester. AND her teachers like her better---definitely a sigh of relief here. hope you & your husband have a great monday!

Lisa said...


I remember those bears! I worked at Hallmark for 10 years and each store had a HUGE set of the bears as a giveaway! How funny that you won one of them. Do you still have them? And if so, where do you keep them?

KaTrina said...

Congrats guys! That was fun Heidi! :)

Terri said...

Congratulations to the winners! And, I've been using the phrase "box of awesome" (as well as "bag of awesome" and "sack of awesome") pretty much daily at the hospital. As in, "Mike, you are a big old box of awesome for helping me move that patient!" Just doing my part to spread the awesome, ya know?

SuzanSayz said...

Heidi if there is ever a contest for "best blog give away EVER" I'm sure that you will win hands down!

LKP said...

We held on to them for a long time, it was funny-sometimes we'd magnet their noses to the fridge, so they looked like children who'd been sent to the corner! We had to downsize for a move, and a friend's little girl loved them, so she inherited them. Haven't heard where the bears have gone from there. =) Funny that you remember them!

David said...

Five winners and i wasn't one of them!? something must have gone wrong with the random number generator.

oh well, better luck next time.

Melanee said...

Thank you! I am very excited for the mini box o'awesome! I can't wait to see what is in it!

My email is

Thanks again!