Monday, March 9, 2009

I think someone has a case of the Monday's

I don't know what to write about really. I have a few random things though. : )

Jeff will be gone for the week doing some kind of certification training thing. He's going to try his hand at financial planning. Something to do with people's retirements and how to make them more money. So, I am left home alone this week. I am kind of looking forward to it, yet I know I will feel lonely.

I am reading up on gardening. Yup, I am going to try to grow some of our own veg this year. I am really excited about it. I am going to be using the square foot gardening technique. It looks the most promising with my beginners level skill and terrible clay soil. I've got all the seeds, I just need the magic dirt and some wood to build some boxes. I am immersing myself in gardening books for dummies. I almost have myself convinced that it's going to be awesome {sing-song voice}. I am sure the garden progress will be a continuing feature in the months to come.

I believe the time is right to do a giveaway too. I'm not quite sure on the details yet. I'll spend the rest of the day mulling it over. I have dishes and laundry to do, so I will have plenty of "mull" time. Did I use the quotation marks right? I never can quite tell....oh well. : )

I want to tell everyone that cares or wants to know, I am blessed. It's all the little things that happen. We may not have the big one we've been asking for, but we are still doing fine.

Well this post seems kind of random today. That's usually how my mind works. I like it. Keeps things interesting. I will come back tommorow with a better post and a neat giveaway.

B.T.W Don't you just hate it when people say
stuff like "case of the Monday's" or "Don't smile too much" or
my in-laws code for 'you look like crap this morning', which would
be "Good morning sunshine" followed by a laugh, yah that doesn't
ever get old. I chock it up to social retardedness and usually
forgive people of their ignorance...usually. ; )


Alicia said...

I know exactly what you mean about 'don't smile too much'...I could kick people like that. Happy Monday anyway...we've got snow here, and I'm in the mood for something warm and beachy.

Lisa said...

Can't wait to enter your giveaway!

I hope that Jeff enjoys the certification training and that it will prove to be a wonderful career for him :)

Mike Brinkerhoff said...

Is that my stapler?? I can't find my stapler. Someone took my red Swingline stapler...

I think a well-placed slap across the head would put a stop to the "good morning sunshine" crap.

Kelly said...

Every time I'm told 'don't smile so much', I'm tempted to conjure up the most twisted, insane, 'I would very much like to eat your face' smile I can and screech, "Like this?!"

It's not my fault I look like Dad :P

SuzanSayz said...

First of all Heidi, I think you did just fine with those Quotation marks. Have you guys been able to put your grass in yet? I hope so. And I think a vegetable garden sounds like a perfect Heidi thing to do. You will probably know enough to give classes in a years or two.

libbie said...

I am going to give gardening a shot too. I have all the seeds, but just need to read up on how to actually do it now. This could be interesting!

:Jan the crazy lady: said...


And I love your random Heidi.

Lisa said...

{the storage unit also comes in pink}

Jeanette said...

My friend tried that gardening book last year and had lots of success. You will too. I don't have a backyard and I'm always envious of those that have room to grow.

Jim has been gone for 5 days and won't be back until tomorrow night. I hate it. We haven't even been able to talk and it's taking it's toll on me. I went from having him around 24/7 to gone. Too drastic of a change for me. I am sure you will do much better. AND I am sure your children will be better behaved than mine have been. At this point, all of my children pretend they don't hear my voice. Exhausting.

I am glad Jeff is trying financial planning. My father sold life insurance and also handled retirement investments and it's a great career. It's very "independent" which has job security. GO JEFF!

Have a great Tuesday Heidi.

Em and Ms said...

Good luck with gardening! We keep on trying and failing. We're taking this year off, but next year I want to try the square foot gardening.

I know how you feel about today. I have done absolutely nothing on my list today, but part of that is because I have been laid up with a very sore neck. I hope tomorrow goes better for both of us!

Kristin said...

David and I tried a garden every year in Houston. I think we spent more on the garden than if we had just bought the stupid vegetables. Even so, there's a great sense of satisfaction in trying. The only things that grew really well were peppers and I don't even like those! Good luck. (Gardening is so much easier in Utah - especially since it mostly involves just picking what my parents grow :).)

David said...

a giveaway? count me in!

dani said...

it really is the little things, heidi:)))
i wish (no i REALLY wish) i liked to play in dirt because in my head i have grandeur thoughts of sowing and reaping; but i HATE dirt:/... probably because when i was a child, i was never allowed to get dirty!!!
oh well, i shall live my life as a gardener vicariously through you this year!!!
so, what are we planting???
dani xxxx
ps happy tuesday, sunshine, bahahahahahahahahaaaa!!!

LKP said...

all i could think of at the end of your post was, " i have my stapler please?..." lol. you brightened my day JUST by your little post pic! thanks.

Terri said...

Hehehe - good morning, sunshine? Love that one! By the way, if you have heavy clay soil, consider lasagna beds. We combine square-foot & lasagna techniques here (with clay so heavy you can build ponds out of it) with good results.

Terri said...

Hehehe - good morning, sunshine? Love that one! By the way, if you have heavy clay soil, consider lasagna beds. We combine square-foot & lasagna techniques here (with clay so heavy you can build ponds out of it) with good results.

Shay said...

My mission is to grow some of my own veg and herbs this year too!
So far I have an orange pepper plant "started" (I have seeds in dirt, but nothing is sprouting yet >.<).