Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ho Hum

Is anyone else finding it hard to care for Idol this year? For me, there is only one person that I am mildly interested in. The guy that looks like Robert Downy Jr.'s love child. Danny something.

See! I can't even be bothered to remember last names. When I see the contestants on stage, it's like, "Oh look it's tattooed arm girl that can't sing really well, but because she's really pretty and charming they like her." or "The dorky Indian kid, who sings well, but chooses really bad songs for the most part." Then there is the short frog faced girl that thinks she is the most awesome thing ever. I know it's good to be confident, but acting like you've got the gig in the bag will land you where you don't wanna ever be. In the Blake Lewis and Michael Johns category that's where! Cashing in their expiring 'hey I was on Idol, let me in your club' tokens all over L.A.
This season isn't the worst at least. That was season three. Where we got this gem. Oh ya, she's doing really great. What was the last thing she had on the radio? Ya, I know she did Broadway, but I think that bone's been chewed up and gone.

Not that the runner up would have been any better. Geesh.

I'm sure that this season is going to be similar. With similar endings for the hopefuls on it. It will not produce anything or anyone great. So, this leaves me with feelings of 'what else is on tonight?'.

Am I alone on this?


Jan the crazy lady said...

I haven't found my one yet. I did like Alexis alot though. I saw her perform yesterday, and she was so good. She deserved the tour more than tatoo arm or Michael.

There are some great singers though. I am keeping my eyes on Matt and Danny.

Adam can go be on Japanese Anime. That is what he looks like to me.

Terri said...

Tattoo arm does these really creepy (and hideous)dance moves that I find off-putting. I liked Alexis better than I like tattoo-chick.

They're a decent group of singers, overall, but nobody really stands out as star material, do they?

Mike Brinkerhoff said...

I'm so glad someone else hates fantasia. I thought she was among the most annoying that whole season, and couldn't believe that she kept getting through! I bought Diana DeGarmo's album just to give her a sales bump against fantasia! As an added bonus, it had several good songs on it too.

It's probably because I'm sleep deprived this morning, but I didn't get the epic fail pic for the longest time... I was like "What?? What's wrong with Dead or Alive's 'In Too Deep'??" Then I'm all, "...oh. heh. I get it! Good one!"

I've watched Idol twice this year. Neither time did anything for me. It's Teh Lame.

debsters said...

I don't care for any of the girls really. Danny is by far my favorite, but there are a couple of other guys that I like.
Regardless of my interest, it's still the only show we watch around here, and therefore, I get excited to watch.
I find Megan (tattoo girl) interesting, but not her voice.

Em and Ms said...

You are definitely not alone Heidi! I love everything you said in this post, from not really being interested, to contestants thinking they're better than Idol, to hating Fantasia (I still don't get how she won, or even got on the show, or why in the world the judges still talk about her and think she was good). In the past we've been HUGE Idol fans, and even went to the concert last year because I thought last year was awesome. This year? I've hardly watched it. I couldn't tell you much about any of the contestants. We'd rather watch our Gilmore Girls dvds.

Yarn Princess said...

I guess I've just burned out on AI. I haven't even seen any of the episodes this season. Didn't watch many of last either. I really enjoyed the British version better.

Melanee said...

k... I am responding to the message you left on my blog. And I am not sure how I found out about you exactly... but I have 2 ideas... I probably found you through The Larson's (through Katy's Kravings) or I follow the yarn lady (every once in awhile). I like her patterns. So there are 2 different ways I could have found you.

Oh... it is a small world. I grew up with Charlotte and actually married her cousin almost 10-12 years after I moved away. I didn't even know they were related until right before the wedding.

Kristin said...

My husband is addicted. I usually work nights and just have him tell me what happens. I really like tattoo girl's voice. There's something unique about it. But the way she moves is just so odd and unnatural. I'm not sure why no one's been able to fix that yet. I like Danny (the Robert Downy Jr. look alike) and I even like the one that wears too much eye liner and fingernail polish.

Ironically enough, I usually think Simon has the best advice. I just think his delivery needs some work.

Lisa said...

I think that Danny looks like Robert Downey Jr. too!!!!

I also adore Adam. He and Danny are my faves!

Jeanette said...

I don't watch the show. I lost intrest in it several seasons ago, but I always like the music by the final 2. My daughter just baught David A's Crush. Love it.

andrea said...

my hubby is an addict :)
I think they are mostly ok but nobody truly incredible

enjoying the shake up of the new judge
agree Fantasia didn't work for me either

(and my seeds are all 8 week ahead of timers started indoors- yipes! more to start April 5th or so)

dani said...

unfortunately tonight it was mr. obama:/
i am having trouble getting into idol this season, too; but, i think that adam guy and danny will be the last two standing.
for what it's worth, it's the time that katherine and i share a big bowl of smart pop and a couple of diet cokes... so, it's all good on the lane:)

LKP said...

LOL! ...and that's all i have to say about that...(cause i DO recall season 3, so i feel for ya).

Amy J. said...

I am still a fan. I too like the guys this year. Season three...Bllllpppppppp! Here here to that! :)

David said...

you are absolutely right that season 3 was the worst.

i like this season's contestants ok, but i don't think there's a kelly or Carrie or daughtry in the bunch.

i'm having a similar feeling about this season on amazing race. it's a pretty good mix of teams, but no one that i love and am really cheering for. and interestingly, none that I hate either, and there is ALways one that i loathe.

Cindy Brinkerhoff said...

nope not alone, great post!

Leslie said...

I Really like the cute guy with the glasses (who wore the white jacket last week), with the BFF with face peircings who got kicked off during Hollywood week and had the wife who died like three weeks before tryouts. yeah, I think his name is Danny....but I know TOO much about him to remember his name! LOVE HIM.

SuzanSayz said...

I am in the minority here I guess. I have really enjoyed the season so far. I can't stand Megan the tattoed, couldn't dance to save her life, girl. I love Anoop. For some reason he reminds me of an Indian version of Jim Halpert on The Office.

Jones Crew said...

I have not been able to watch one single episode. When that baby boy goes to bed I immeaditaly follow!!!

Lisa said...

new post! new post! new post!

It was great to see you this weekend! I always enjoy your company!