Friday, June 5, 2009


I have two birthday's that I try to acknowledge on the same day. June 6th is my Mom's birthday and it's my very good friend Kenice's. I try to send them both cards and call each of them. This post is mainly about Kenice, so don't feel left out Mom. I'll get to you tomorrow.

When Kenice and I used to live next to each other we would go out to lunch on her birthday, usually Mexican food.

Kenice is the inspiration behind me concocting my home made-version of See's Scotch Kisses. I sent those to some people in their boxes of awesome. Kenice however, has never had them and she is the one who said I should make them in the first place. Well guess what I was going to send with her birthday card this year? Yup, a bag of these candies just for her.

On my way into the kitchen I felt something ominous in the air. I couldn't quite tell what was going to happen, but I knew something would. I went to the pantry looking for my ingredients. Sweetened condensed milk, check. Corn syrup, check. Brown sugar, hmm, where did it go? I can't see it...oh there it is. Can I reach it? {streeeeeeetch} The brown sugar then managed to knock over a heavy can. Now, I knew it was headed strait for me. Which part of my foot would it hit? It was going in slow motion, twisting and turning till....THUD!!! Right on my little middle toenail. I know that what followed was the loudest blood curdling scream of pain from the tip of my toe all the way to the tip of my tongue. It hurt so badly. It instantly started to bruise. The bruise has gotten progressively worse every day, it's quite gruesome.

*Now, I will show this to you for the sake of posterity. I would like you to know that my nails hadn't been painted in the few days since this occurred and it AIN'T pretty. Look if you dare!

So, sorry Kenice. No Scotch Kisses on your birthday. I will try to get them to you next week, when I can stand longer than 2 minutes. :)


KaTrina said...

This post started out all nice and sweet, and then took a quick turn for the worse. Hope your foot feels better.

Alicia said...

Poor Heidi! I hate it when things like that happen, especially when you're in the middle of doing something nice for somebody else. Like this morning, I was a little ahead of schedule (for once) so I went to drop off the rent check. Sadly, I missed at least one stair on my way down, and fell, scraped my knee, and hurt my ancle. All this, because I figured I'd take care of a minor little thing so Daniel wouldn't have to. I hope your toe feels better soon, that really is gruesome!

Melanee said...

oh dang! That looks like it hurts. I am so sorry. The Scotch Kisses were way yummy. I loved them. I actually need that recipe.

But sorry about your toe. Lots of ice!

Jones Crew said...

YEESH, Painful!!! Hope it's onn the mend!

SuzanSayz said...

Oooh, I have done that enough times myself to have total sympathy for you sweetie. You're right too it does seem to fall so slowly and you know it's going to hurt so bad. I've never figured out why in all that slow motion there's never enough time to move you toes out of danger.

Marilyn said...

Umm, thanks for making my stomach churn this morning Heidi!

That looks so so so painful. You'll be wearing only flip flops for a while huh?

Cindy Brinkerhoff said...

Yikes, bummer! When you are back on youe feet, I know a favorite uncle who likes scotch kisses :)

David said...

ouch indeed!

debsters said...

That looks painful Heidi. Sorry.

Kelly said...

That's no bruise... that's a space station. No, just kidding.

For real though, that looks like a tiny little alien is going to burst out any second now. It won't even have the courtesy to do the "Hello my baby, hello my honey, hell my ragtime gal~~~", but that's okay.

Bruce will eat that sucker right up.

Jeanette said...

Ouch!!! It is amazing how something so small can hurt so bad. Hope your foot is healing.

Stephanie said...

Oh my that looks painful!!!!!!!!!!
I hope it heals fast. Ow!!!!!!!!!!!!

dani said...

oh no, heidi... that looks so painful:( i hope it will heal soon!!!

happy birthday, kenice:D

much love,
dani xxxx

Mike Brinkerhoff said...


Better make it an extra big batch of Scotch Kisses to help justify the suffering. And then, ya know, spread the wealth around a little, so that a favorite uncle can relive the glory and majesty of your homemade Scotch Kisses!! :)

LKP said...

this'll feel like TMI, but hopefully you know what I'm talkin about....ya know that sympathy pain felt from the deepest reaches???? to describe it in our family the phrase goes something like this:
"OW!!!! Makes my butt hurt just lookin' at it!"
just know I feel for ya! poor gal. poor toe. lemme know when the coast is clear for a new polish & i'll send ya one to celebrate your healing (you realize you're probably gonna lose the nail, right?) keep me posted! love ya oodles!!!