Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just a List of To Do's

These are things on the schedule today. Get ready...are you ready? Here goes...

*Take the Lou Lou to ballet and head to Goodwill as she dances the hour away.

*Clean my room and bathroom. I feel guilty telling the girls to do the same thing when mine looks like it does.

*Plan something with fun with some of my friends. I'm not going to have any left if I keep living like a hermit.

*Roast a chicken. Make yukon gold mashed potatoes. I got a 15 lb bag for about 2 bucks, I gotta use em up! Stir up some gravy and butter some corn.

*So, I had the worst stink crop up in my fridge the last day or so...maybe 3, who's counting. Anyways, I found the source. It was an empty pickle jar, inch of liquid, poorly closed, and tipped on it's side. It leaked all over the middle shelf and down onto the bottom shelf....which is the bread shelf. I threw away most of the bread and wiped down and sanitised the shelves. The stank still LIVES!!! So, today I'm deconstructing the Frigidaire and giving it the deep clean. It is stopping me from going into the fridge for snacks. Maybe I should rethink this.

*Get my camera out and take some new pictures of the girls.

*Under no circumstances am I allowed to take a nap...NO!

*Bake some banana bread. I like to sprinkle brown sugar on the top of my loaves. I might bake some regular bread too.

*Watch some of my Netflix stuff. Oooo and Modern Family is on tonight! I love that show.

*One last thing. This isn't a to do item. Did anyone watch the ladies figure skating last night? Did anyone else cry during and after Canadian Joannie Rochette skated, or was it just me and Scott Hamilton?


LKP said...

lol, now the olympics is something i do miss about not watching tv. but i know how i am, and if i buckle once, then the past almost 6 tv-free years will wind up in the can. so i missed scott's tears & the amazing skate. sorry.
great list today. way more ambitious than mine. i should really get a list. let's put that at the top of my list, shall we? i'm not so great at this stay-at-home mom side of business. well atleast at the serious side of it.
my list is to download, & run some portraits through post-production since its been more than a week since the shoot. (stupid sickness. realized yesterday that it was the first time i'd even gotten in my car let alone drove it anywhere since the 13th. i hate being quarantined to the house, but i definitely got myself comfortable in it i guess.) so i most do normal things to rejoin the rest of the human race. volleyball last night was my first step.
i wish you would have "visit my friend keely with the yummy dinner i'm planning". i miss yukon golds so much, and buttered corn. yummmers! i've never been a fan of banana bread (always was zucchini bread due to allergy to bananas-no joke, i've always been allergic to them), but your brown sugar on top sounds MARVELOUS!!!
as for wanting to help your hunny not be homesick, our family would love to host him for an evening, but we understand how busy he can be. my husband has an idea in mind for him. it'll take a while before its done, but it's MEGA a grand pub-ah from the ground floor type of scenario! when there are more details to share i'll shoot 'em your way. love ya oodles!

SuzanSayz said...

Heidi, i hope you get everything done that you want to do. And if not i hope you don't feel down on yourself. I wanted to watch the skating last night but every time i switched to NBC there was just stupid snow stuff going on. Plus I was watching American Idol and didn't want to miss any of it. I think now that I should have put a little more effort into trying to catch the skating instead.

Lisa said...

I cleaned my bathroom a few days ago my bedroom today. It felt good. House is in order = life is in order sort of feeling. How did yours go?

Kitchen mystery smells are the WORST. But for a few days it smelled like something had died in our basement stairwell. And hey - it's the basement - so it could have. We never found anything and it went a way. (whew!)

Yay for pictures of girls!

Yay for fresh baked bread and yukon gold mashed taters and netflix.

Happy Wednesday Night!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a busy day! Blast, now I'm hungry for banana bread, and you live too far away for me to drop by for a slice. *sigh* Anyway, I hope your day went well! Call me soon.
~ Mel

LKP said...

we're totally addicted to mario. seth's beat the entire game, and has every level's 3 coins. he's quite the mario-ologist. me on the other hand. i just got to the 8th world. if i get super frustrated i call him in to get me past the super duper tough stuff. so, mine's not totally me, but i'm ok with that. daisy i think is almost to world 8.

yeah, i should get daisy to make some more or some keychains of something else. she's extremely artistic, which makes me glad. she's a good balance of a little sports, a little brains, and a little artsy-fartsy. perfect!

Jeanette said...

I laughed out loud at your comment on cleaning your room! Saturday cleaning is a big deal in my house. I make the girls have their room picture perfect or no playing. But my room...another story. It seems to be the dumping ground for everyone. The piles drive me crazy and I attack them less often than I'd like. Jim cleaned it yesterday while I was at the temple. I felt like I was in heaven when I came home!

We had a mystery smell in the car. I just knew it was Jim's fault, or the kids. Ended up it was a McD's bag *I* hid under the seat (so the kids wouldn't see) awhile back. I forgot about it and yep it smelled. Good luck with the pickle smell. Open box of baking soda will help absorb the airborn odors.

Jeanette said...

Oh, your other blog sounds therapeudic! I think I may follow your suggestion and get me one too.

Amy J. said...

Ewwwww...I hate when mystery smells come to my fridge! But at least you found the source.

You are so good. YOu cook and bake and are just so well rounded. I am very impressed and I need to do better.

Your last question made me laugh out loud!

Marilyn said...

I cried, and I still cry every time I see that clip of her when she has just finished her skate and she finally breaks down. I can. not. even. imagine. That was so inspiring.

Oh, and Modern Family is our new favorite. That show is HILARIOUS!

Brooke said...

I totally cried... It was so moving. I'm a sap and I'm ok with that. :) I hope I can stay up tonight to watch the long programs.

Hope you were successful with your to-do list!

Lisa said...

Modern Family is amazing. No....Brilliant! So so funny....

dani said...

rochette was amazing and beautiful... and, yes, i cried:(