Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What I like

I've decided that I'm going to make a bigger effort to post more on my blog. I've been absent lately because I've been a little depressed...more than a little actually. I've even tried to get all of my negative, bad, sad, and undesirable feelings and thoughts out of my mind and onto a blog. It's my negative blog. It's been really been therapeutic. I feel good enough to start posting on here again. Since this blog is for posterity, I can't have a lot of "life sucks" and "woe is me" on here.

Now I've decided to just do a random post about things I like. These are things that you might not know about me. A small glimpse into what makes up the complexities of Heidi. They might also just be things that have happened as of late that I like. I would in turn invite you to share an interesting tidbit about yourselves in the comment section. I promise not to misuse the information that is given...for less than a 5 spot.

And here we go....

I love the banjo. LOVE. I love the tin sounding melodies that come from it's plucked strings. This love may owe itself to Kermit the Frog and The Rainbow Connection, but I digress. Even that creepy kid from Deliverance can't change my mind. I will say though, if a man can play the banjo, I have an instant attraction to him. It forced my crush to intensify for Ed Helms. Yes, Jeff knows and he's coping.My kids wanting to cook dinner. YES!!! Sure Abbey. If you want to make pancakes, you go right ahead my dear. Oh Lindsay! Grilled cheese sandwiches and "tomato soup" that isn't really tomato soup but tomato sauce that you added water and salt to and so in your mind is now "tomato soup" sounds lovely! Thank you girls so much.Hollywood gossip. Oh, it's embarrassing and kinda trashy, but I love it! I don't buy any magazines, I just check my websites. TMZ is the main one. I'm not proud of this one, but I like it none the less.I like caramel better than chocolate. Now, don't misunderstand, I loooove chocolate. I just looooooooove caramel. When I was little one of my most favorite treats was just a simple Kraft caramel. When I'd go trick or treating Kraft caramels were as highly prized as a Hershey bar.I love the Beatles. I discovered this love at the age of 15. It all started with the Double Blue album and I was hooked. I couldn't get enough. I've spread the Beatles love everywhere I could. I've helped add a few members the the Beatles army. When I worked at Michael's Craft Store in my teens, I would take my breaks next door at the Future Shop. I spent a good portion of my puny pay at that store. Every other week I'd add another Beatles album to my collection. When I was pregnant with Abbey, I wanted to name her Penny Lane. Instead I named her after my favorite album, Abbey Road. My hope is that one day Abbey will marry someone with the last name of Rhodes.I love laundry products. I can't go to a grocery store without finding the laundry isle and smelling my way through it. I have a few different detergents and softeners at my disposal at all times. I always have Tide in some form. I try different brands and smells all the time though. I visit all of the major players websites to see whats new and coming to a store near me. I have also been know to see what people have at their house...and then smell them all. Jeff thinks I have a problem. I think it just gives me character.I really like Goodwill. I've loved thrift shops since my teen years. I frequent the one by Lindsay's ballet on Wed and Thurs. I've found some pretty sweet stuff. That's actually a really good post idea. Stuff I got at Goodwill.

Well, that's it for now. I guess I should've said that these were going to be things I love, not just like. Oh well. :)


Alicia said...

I love laundry soap also. My favorite is Gain. I love it. Also, I love bath and body works. My current favorites with that are Magnolia Blossom (only available at the twice a year sale) and Dancing Waters.

Amy J. said...

That is so funny about the laundry soap...I tend to just buy what is cheapest. Maybe I need to stop and smell the laundry isle. :)

I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE Goodwill and other thrift shops as well. One of my very first posts was about some great finds there. I have been tempted to post about my latest treasure...maybe I will.

SuzanSayz said...

I still remember the day when you discovered The Beatles. I was taking you somewhere, I think you were actually younger than fifteen, more like twelve or thirteen. Anyway, we had the radio on and Eight Days a Week played. I love that song and started singing to it. I actually don't know if you had ever heard it before but after the first verse you started singing the chorus with me. You also turned it up really loud and I think you were thrilled to see that I didn't have a problem with it being that LOUD. When it was done you had all kinds of questions about the Beatles for me, most of which I was able to answer. From then on you were hooked. That's also when I decided to get the double red album as well as the double blue. I can't remember if this was before or after I had gotten Abbey Road. I do know that Donald's "Beatle Epiphany" came when I put it on for the first time and he fell instantly in love with Come Together. It has always pleased me beyond words watching my children learn to love the music I grew up with.

SuzanSayz said...

Well make that the first time I played the CD. I had it on vinyl at one time.

LKP said...

i'm very picky about my laundry detergent. i smell 'em all when i have to change, but am loyal like no other when i finally settle on one that doesn't smell like so much "rain" that it reeks of mildew, or so much perfume to capture meadows of "flowers". lavenders smell like my MIL's house, so i'm ok without them. don't need my house smelling like hers. maybe its a me thing, but maybe i'm not alone.
ok, so it is just a me thing!
i'm even pickier about my softeners though! my very favorite used to be the outdoor/clean linen smell from tide & downy. but that got a bit perfumey compared to when it first came out. then i fell in love with the tide & downy in aloe & white lilac smell. too bad nobody but richland's albertsons carries it any longer. so, then i opted for snuggle's almond smell. quite loverly. now that's too hot of a commodity & almost impossible to find around here. UGH!
can't stand bounce. costco's "cheap" brand is too stinky. snuggle's jojoba is just not cutting it.
i'm apparently in a no-win situation here. but your beatles & goodwill sentiments have completely brighten my mind's outlook on the laundry dilemma, so thanks! reminds me that i haven't been to goodwill in too long. i ADORE picking up t-shirts there. ya know the loaf around town t-shirts? someone else's kids' highschool's money raising t-shirt? yep those are the ones i love the most!
i'm starting to think i am entirely TOO weird.

Brooke said...

I found myself laughing out loud a little when you mentioned wanting Abbey to marry someone with the last name "Rhodes"! Awesome... and so creative! :)

I was feeling extremely down basically from just after the first of the year until about- oh, a week ago, and I know how much it SUCKS. I hope things are on the upswing for you. This was a very fun post to read and learn more about what makes you tick... I love finding out what makes other people get excited. Maybe I'll steal your post idea.

And I hope you follow through with posting on Goodwill gems you've come across!

Jeanette said...

Great post! I love it when my kids want to make dinner. It is even better when they clean up too.

I love the laundry aisle, air freshners, and bath soap aisle. They all smell so heavenly. I definitely believe in aroma therapy.

Hey, I want to read your "life sucks" blog. Maybe I could do a guest post. Actually, I think your other blog is a great idea. A place to get it all out without friends and neighbors seeing your business.

Dana said...

Hey you found me! It's about time, I must say! I can't even remember the last time I saw or talked to you! I've caught up with Don on facebook. That's been a lot of fun. I've asked about you, he fills me in every once in awhile.

we should catch up. email me at danakishane (at ) gmail.com

I look forward to catching up with you!

Mike Brinkerhoff said...

Yay Heidi!! Blog More!! =)

Lisa said...

I think your best Goodwill steal ever was the complete record set of Beethoven's symphonies for 99 cents!

dani said...

hey, heidi... i heart the beatles, too... so does kat:))) something you don't know about me??? my only real vice??? soap operas;P
much love,
dani xxxx