Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 09' was soooo great!

I think I just about had the best Easter ever. We don't count points on holidays so it was wide open for what we wanted to eat that day. We had a very lovely brunch with eggs, bacon, danishes, sticky pull aparts, strawberries, juice, and all the chocolate milk you want. Oh, it was heaven! Our church doesn't start until 12:30, so we had nice lounging time afterward.

The Easter bunny hid the girls baskets this year. We made them wait upstairs till we were all set to catch the mad dash and discovery of the coveted baskets of dietary debauchery. :) Lindsay's basket was hidden in the storage closet. It didn't take her very long to find it. I think the bunny might need to try harder next year. Abbey's was a little bit more difficult, we had to give her a hint before she found it in the oven. I even got a basket this year. Everything in it was the color orange, loved it. Jeff got one too, but the bunny didn't color code it. It was just filled with his favorite stuff. Abbey's basket was the blue theme and Lindsay's was the pink.

Church was nice, long, but nice. Let's just say I was ready to come home and relax the rest of the day. The girls looked so beautiful in their Easter dresses. They each have matching ribbon in their hair, you can't see Lindsay's though. I was surprised to not see more girls wearing Easter dresses. I thought that was as much a part of Easter as anything else.

We had the traditional ham for dinner. I was thinking of why ham and Easter are fairly synonymous with each other. I think it's because ham is a truly Christan meat. Many religions ban it. I don't know, just my crazy musings. Anyway, it came complete with sides of cheesy potatoes, fruit salad, and freshly made rolls. Again, heaven. We were so full we didn't even make it to dessert, strawberry shortcake.

Just before putting the girls to bed, we watched the Lamb of God. I am so humbled and grateful for the sacrifice that was made for me. I am so glad I have a savior.

I hope that everybody enjoyed their Easter too. I would love to hear about how yours went.


Lisa said...

what a lovely post. It sounds like a perfect and comfortable day with your family.
Abbey and Lindsay look adorable (as always). I too noticed that there weren't too many kids dolled up for Easter, and I too was left wondering, 'why'?.

KaTrina said...

We always dressed up for Easter, and I'm going to make sure my children do too! I loved their dresses, and the ribbon added just the right touch :)

Jan the crazy lady said...

That bunny is getting trickier I see. The oven? That was good one bunny.

Lovely dresses and baskets and smiles. We watched the Lamb of God too. Tough to watch, but so good.

Happy post Easter week.

Brooke said...

Sounds like a wonderful day of family, food, treats, and adorable girls!

I also wondered about the lack of Easter dresses, etc. and I was thinking maybe it is the economy a little bit. It can be a bit spendy for families to buy special "one-day" only dresses if their kids don't have other occasions to use them for.

Our kids are in a wedding next weekend and we had to buy a dress and suit for that. If I wasn't so afraid of them getting all dirty or the wedding was the weekend before Easter, I would have just used the same outfits for both. I just notice myself cutting back on some things lately, and maybe some people chose to cut back on Easter... just a thought.

amycolbert said...

Love the color coded baskets, very cute. Your girls just keep looking older and cuter each time I see them. Why do our kids have to keep growing? They are getting older, but not me. I bought my girls Spring shoes to go in their baskets but I am trying steer away from Easter being the reason they get their new dresses. We call them Spring dresses. I am always trying to focus more on Christ for the season. Also it's been very cold and snowy so it just hasn't seemed warm enough to go buy spring dresses yet.

debsters said...

Holy Moly, your girls scored on the Easter Baskets, they are awesome.

I had to smile that you had cheesy potatoes. I just read someone else's blog that also had them, and so did we. I suppose they go so well with ham :)

Em and Ms said...

The girls look so pretty in their dresses. I'm all about new clothes for Easter. Sounds like you guys had a great time. Your dinner sounds eerily similar to ours... :)

Mike Brinkerhoff said...

We also had Cheesy Potatoes!!

The bunny was tricky enough at our house, that Ellysa needed hot/cold hints to find her basket... in the drawer beneath the downstairs oven!

Stephanie said...

the girls looked beautiful.

LKP said...

Kee-Ute, cute dresses! both are lovely, but i have to say the yellow is my fav! what fantastic taste! it even goes perfectly with that wall. (i heart your yellow wall!)

dani said...

i love your girls' baskets and dresses, heidi!!! the easter bunny and mom got it all just right!!!
i hope you enjoyed every minute of your NOT counting points. i stopped counting during spring break and cannot get myself back into the groove:/ (i have been good today... so far, at least!!!)