Tuesday, April 7, 2009


There is a revision in the rules. Down below you will find them in green.


andrea said...

ok - that is just hilarious ... people truly crack me up :)

Terri said...

Hey, I really wanted to leave a comment on the other post, but since I won't be able to do any serious sewing until after September I figured it wasn't really fair to sign up. You do this again in the fall, though, and I'm gonna be ON IT like flies on, well, umm... anyway, I'll just be all over it, okay? :)

Lisa said...


I had already decided to pass the cradle to you when you have another baby.

I know that I don't generally like to hold onto things....but the cradle is something I could NEVER give away or sell. It has to stay in the family. And I hope that someday it will even be used by my grandbabies :)

But yes, in the mean time it is reserved for you and only you :)