Thursday, April 23, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things.

This is just going to be a simple list. I'm enjoying some of my favorite things right now, so I thought I'd jot them down. A few others are tagging along as well.

1. Early summer morning air

2. My girls having breakfast together before school

3. Cats basking in the warm sunlight

4. The hope of spring

5. Memories

6. A good Broadway musical

7. Laundry soaps and softeners

8. Crisp, clean, coldish spring air

9. Lavender

10. Early morning sunlight

What are some of the things on your list? I have a ton more, these just came to my mind this morning. I love to count the simple things. I think they get overlooked sometimes.


Jan the crazy lady said...
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Jan the crazy lady said...

I am loving 8 and 9 too. Lovely list Heidi.

Alicia said...

I'm loving all of these too( except I don't #2). Spring is my favorite season. It makes me feel so alive. I've been listening to "Zippety do da" (I doubt that's how it's spelled, but you know what I mean) on repeat on the way to work the last few's a happy spring time!

Lisa said...

Life is all about the simple things.

I love the sillouette (sp?) of a tree against the evening sky.

Also, I knew that your number 7 would be on your always love smelling the laundry :)

Jeanette said...

I love the early evening sky. I looked out at it last night and thought, "When was the last time I noticed these colors?" Not often enough. Enjoy all the things in life.

Marilyn said...

I'm craving a good Broadway musical right about now...wanna go to NYC with me?? Let's go!

debsters said...

I absolutely love opening the window in the spring time and seeing the curtains blow in the breeze.

LKP said...

yeah, came via Jan. i VT debbie spurgeon! lol. i love how small the world is! yeah, study that line and let me know what you find out. how cool if we're related! =) just curious, are you related to any Bowen's or Grow's or Lay's?

LKP said...

BTW, 1 & 6 rock...digging the air, though my fav is the smell of wet dirt in the afternoon (right after a good summer rainstorm)! speaking of good broadway musical, "Wicked" is our family's favorite--though its probably tied w/ "Guys and Dolls"

Amy J. said...

I love the pattern paper in your title and that the paper is in the shape of dots! I love polka dots.

libbie said...

i love simple things too. i find a freshly mowed lawn completely satisfying! that one would definitely be on my list.

Brooke said...

The girl I was flying with this week put a little drop of lavender oil on the coffee burner in the galley of the plane to help make it smell less airplane-like and it was great! Every time we pulled out the coffee pot, we got a whiff of lavender instead of smelling the garbage can or bathroom!

I also love numbers 6-8! :) Fun list.