Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Final Thanksgiving Prep

Well, it's after 10 and I'm all done. The kitchen is clean and ready for tomorrow and everything that needed to be made in advanced is.

There is one casualty. I'm opting out of fruit salad this year. I know. It's sad, and maybe I'll change my mind tomorrow.

I got all of my pies done and I think they are going to be wonderful. Especially the banana cream pie. My aunt Janice came to the rescue and gave me grandma's tried and true recipe. I got a little taste of it and I can tell you it is DIVINE!!! I strongly urge you all to try it. You'll find it in the comment section in one of the posts below...ya, I'm too lazy and tired to tell you which one, sorry.

So, here are the remaining pictures of my prosperous day. I feel very accomplished.

This is for the stuffing tomorrow.

These are for the vegi platter. I cut up other stuff too, but didn't photograph it.

Ya, it's u-g-l-y. It does have an alibi, it's yummy! Ya ya it's yummy!

I made a cheese ball for tomorrow and it's killer yummy. I didn't have a recipe, maybe I'll put it up if anyone's interested.

Finally, the miracle of it all...the kitchen is clean and ready for tomorrow. {sigh} It was a good day.


David said...


Lisa said...

I hereby dub you the Queen of Thanksgiving.

SuzanSayz said...

They were saying today on The Today show that the average American consumes up to 5000 calories on Thanksgiving dinner. I don't know if that includes appetizers and desserts, but it looks like you guys are well on your way.
**tee hee**
I sure would have preferred for us all to be together, but that's life for you.
I love you all and I hope you have an incredible day.