Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Stuff to do

I'm pulling together my Thanksgiving feast and it's gonna be so awesome. I just need to make a final list for the store and I'll be done.

Thanksgiving Menu:
Roasted Turkey

Herb Stuffing

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

Homemade Pan Rolls

Georgia Pudding

Cranberry Raspberry Jello Salad

Fruit Salad


Cranberry Sauce

Sparkling Apple Cider

This of course will be preceded by sticky pull apart rolls for breakfast and appetizers for lunch. We are going to go easy on the pie this year. We're only going to have pumpkin, cherry, and a cream variety.

Everything will be made from scratch and nothing will be diet friendly, but everything will be delicious. I can't wait. I think of Thanksgiving as the cooking Olympics. I love it.

I would like to know what everyone is doing for Thanksgiving this year and what makes your meal so good. :)


Amy J. said...

I havn't even "thought" about the meal! And looking at your list I guess this week wasn't the best time to be getting back on track with my diet! You are going to have a feast!

Jeanette said...

What is Georgia Pudding? Sounds yummy.

We are having Thanksgiving at my sister's house. It is usually a big deal. 12 adults and 11 kids. In the south we have cornbread stuffing which I look forward to every year. My husband is from CO and does not like it. Too bad he is out numbered. :) I usually bring the rolls, but I want to bring a dessert. Those are the first ones picked when assignments are made. So, I make one just for my family.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

(diets aren't for Thanksgiving. I am thankful for that!)

SuzanSayz said...

I would ignore Thanksgiving all together if it was just me. Or at the very most go to a restaurant for it.
I think I told you already what I'm probably going to do. The chicken, stuffing and gravy casserole I've made two weeks in a row will probably stand in for our turkey and stuffing. Well, and gravy too I guess. I feel such a sense of relief to not have to worry about roasting a turkey. I am going to try to find a small turkey breast to cut up and use instead of chicken. But we'll see. I'm sure Donald would have a fit if there wasn't any Georgia pudding, so I will most likely make that. And I'l make a small raspberry, cranberry jello salad. Lisa and I have also decided to not go overboard on the pie selection as well.
I haven't felt this relaxed about Thanksgiving since i don't remember when.

Brooke said...

We'll be coordinating with Rick's brothers and their families so everything will be covered... As long as there is pumpkin pie, I'm alright. I'm thinking maybe next year I'll attempt my first Thanksgiving dinner myself. Sad, right? I'll be 32 then, cooking my first turkey! :)

I'll bet you make an amazing Thanksgiving feast!! Will you take pictures of all the food? I know I would!

Mike Brinkerhoff said...

I'm in charge of cream pies for our feast, and since they're my specialty I'm cool with that! Cindy's making the Georgia Pudding, along with several other things, and my sister Linda has introduced this amazing new stuffing recipe with artichoke hearts in it... I CAN'T WAIT!!

Stephanie said...

I don't know what Georgia pudding is either.

It is going to be Dave, Elisabeth and I. I vote for going out to dinner.

If I lived near the Decoursey's I would want to join them for what sounds like an awesome dinner

Stephanie said...

I don't know what Georgia pudding is either.

It is going to be Dave, Elisabeth and I. I vote for going out to dinner.

If I lived near the Decoursey's I would want to join them for what sounds like an awesome dinner

Lisa said...

Donald, the girls, and I are going to have our Thanksgiving feast at Hawthorne Court. They have an AMAZING chef there. and by amazing I mean AMAZING. (did my point come across?)

So that will be our traditional feast.

And then we will go to your parents house for dinner with your parents and siblings.

I can't wait!

I am really hoping that we can all play boardgames as we eat pie.

That's what makes a holiday perfect for me.

David said...

are you and the sorenson's celebrating separately?

have you ever tried Alabama Pudding?

Heidi D said...

Yes we are and I've never heard of Alabama pudding. Is it anything like Wyoming Pudding?

Lisa said...

Do you have people joining you for your feast?

Jeanette said...

Heidi/Susan was is the casserole Susan is talking about? Would it be good to use with leftovers?


LKP said...

we BBQ a turkey EVERY year, so we're doing that again. =) it's only THE best way to enjoy turkey. also this year we found a "turkey cannon" for even better bird. it actually lifts the bird, and in the center is the cannon part which we plan to fill with apple juice! can't wait. we usually feed the missionaries one of the meals that day...sometimes waffles w/ pumpkin-maple syrup for breakfast even! sooo yum. i'll probably do my unusual pancakes for me, but everyone else can dig the good stuff. daisy's introducing the "beast" for our thanksgiving table this year...its some recipe her & her dad threw together last year at his house! should be fun. emerald salad is a must. normally we'd have coucous in place of stuffing, but it's wheat so no-go this year. we'll also have my mom & gpa over for dinner along with our missionaries. and that's only the reader's digest version of the tip of the ice berg that is a romm thanksgiving!