Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This is Halloween, This is Halloween! Part 1

It's taken me this long to recuperate from Halloween. It was crazy busy and super fun! So fun, I didn't get all of the pictures that I wanted. Isn't that usually the way it goes? (Lisa excluded of course tee hee)

We went to our church Halloween party. It was the last one before our ward split. Lindsay won cutest costume and Abbey's costume was misunderstood, as usual. Oh, I haven't said what either of the girls were this year. Lindsay was a genie and Abbey was a demented baby doll. Anyways, I was very happy to have Lindsay win something. I made her costume. If you've ever wondered what a labor of love actually looks like, just look at her costume. I will take close up pictures of it and post later. I don't think I've been this proud of myself in a long time.

The night before Halloween, Abbey's school was having a Halloween Party in the evening. Her first middle school activity. So exciting! She and a few of her friends went and had a blast. They did crafts, ate pizza, played games, and danced.

For Halloween itself, we were having a party before trick or treating. Jeff did the decorations and they looked awesome! I could have left them up for a few days, but they were down the next morning. We had a few families over and it was crazy! The kids couldn't wait to go trick or treating, which means noise level was off the charts. I think Jeff wished for a tranqualiser blow gun after the first 30 minutes. For dinner we had chili, baked potatoes, and hot dogs. The chili was my SIL Lisa's recipe, delicious! Lots of compliments too Lisa. For treats there were caramel apples, scary cupcakes, and cookies. Half the parents took the kids out and half stayed back to help hand out candy. We played Beatles Rock Band and American Idol all night. When everyone was back we enjoyed scones with honey butter and assorted hot beverages. It really was quite lovely.

The one thing that made Halloween really special this year was my friend Melody came over from Kennewick to hang out with us. After everyone left the party we left to get out of the house. We ended up at Applebees. We had grand plans of staying up all hours watching scary movies, but alas, we are old women now and gave up around 12:30. Melody is one of the positives of living in the Tri-Cities. I'm glad that I have her.

So, this ends our Halloween of 09. So busy this year. I made costumes, treats, attended parties, did hair and make up 3 separate times,watched all Halloween TV specials, threw a party, and celebrated Jeffoween. One thing I didn't get to do for the first time in my life? Gut and carve my own pumpkin....well, it might have happened before. Next year I think I'll opt for a more laid back schedule.

Now, here comes a bunch of pictures.


Alicia said...

Those are great pictures! Way to go on costume creativity!

LKP said...

look at that pout! i love it!!! =) i was a baby of sorts too. had planned on going as the SNL church lady that dana carvey so lovingly created back in the day, however illness & an ER visit rendered me non-churchlady-like. so as seth was running around getting last minute stuff for me, i had him pick up some clearance footy PJs from the boys dept in target. couple of pigtail buns, some eyeliner freckles & voila! i was good enough to stand in our garage & host our 30 minutes of eyeball soup for the carnival. once everyone was gone however, the garage was closed & eyeball soup migrated to the front porch...and i curled up with a blanket & watched christmas movies between trick or treater! so i think your family had a more enjoyable halloween than the LKP household. your girls are adorable! tell them hi for daisy. she keeps asking when you guys'll be here. OODLES OF HUGS!

LKP said...

p.s. was perusing your blogs on the side that you follow and i've gotta say, mortensen is not a common last name...i had a great grandmas are they relatives of yours cause we might be related in more ways than we had figured! =) ha HA!

Brooke said...

You are so talented!! Well done on the girls' costumes, I'm impressed. :) It gives me the urge to dust off the sewing machine I got for Christmas last year and maybe taking a sewing class... hmmm...

It sounds like you had a really wonderful Halloween!

Stephanie said...

Wow! You did a wonderful job. I love the costumes.

What a fun Halloween!!!

Terri said...

That looks like so much fun! :) Your girls sure are lucky to have you as their mama! We have nobody here young enough to want to trick-or-treat, alas, so I went with Melissa and the Princess. It was fun!

SuzanSayz said...

Heidi, I am just bursting with pride over here, with the beautiful job you did on the girl's costumes.
It would have been an outright crime if Lindsay HADN'T won best costume. And Abbey is a perfect Demented Baby Doll.
Very Goth of her. I am looking forwards to next Halloween when you will all be living here.

Kelly said...

Wow... it's you! I mean, it's Abbey (in the last pic of her), but she looks exactly like you.

It's uncanny.

Great costumes by way :)

Em and Ms said...

Wow, that sounds like lots of fun...and lots of work! I'm glad you guys enjoyed the holiday to the fullest! Your girls look great!

Amy J. said...

OK so halloween totally rocks at your house! Love guys must learn from the best (your mom seems to be in the halloween spirit every year!) :)

LaNae said...

Thanks for the most excellent party, Heidi and Jeff. We all had a great time.

Roxanne said...

Poor Abs...I totally got the demented baby doll from the pics :). Both costumes look great!! Home on Saturday night...when when when are you free??

David said...

the text color scheme is perfect!

mmmmmmmmmmm look at those caramel apples!

Lisa said...

I am sorry that I didn't get over to your blog to comment yesterday. Yesterday was one of the most stressful days....ever! I had to put on the YW in Excellence program and there was a million things to do....and then the speaker cancelled on me last minute. Yikes. Glad yesterday is over :)

Now about your post.

First of all, I love how you wrote it in the orange and black.

Second, I love the double spacing between paragraphs. It's easier on the eyes.

Third, you know how to celebrate Halloween! Amazing

Fourth, I would love to know how Abbey's costume was misunderstood? What did they think she was. I totally got it....and I think she looked perfect!

Fifth, congrats on the win on Lindsays costume. I am in awe that you were able to make that. In awe!

Sixth, glad you liked the chili. Donald made it for our ward party and it won 3rd place out of 13!

Seventh, I think that's it :)

Anonymous said...

I had so much fun, thanks for having me over! I'm looking forward to getting to spend more time with you when you guys move here. :)
~ Mel

Jeanette said...

Great job on the costumes! I made a tutu and it nearly made me insane. :)

Is this your house? I bet if anyone came to look at/buy your house they fell in love with the holiday decor. I look forward to your Christmas decor.

dani said...

i am extremely impressed with your sweet sewing skills, heidi!!! wow!!! both costumes deserved a prize:)
it sounds like you had a busy but VERY fun holiday; you deserved "FUN":D
much love,
dani xxxx

Amy said...

Wow Heidi what an awesome Halloween. The costumes are darling and your house and food looked amazing. It sounds so fun!