Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Giving Tree

Do you participate in a giving tree? If not, you should. It's a great family activity, especially for the kids. Nothing can make you feel better during the holidays than to give to others.

Lindsay picked a 15 year old girl this year. I think it's because on the tag, the first thing you notice is the sentence " Likes Tinker Bell". This girl would like a shirt and a pair of jeans.

Abbey picked a 12 year old girl. She was drawn to the fact that this girl wants slipper socks, just like Abbey. She also wants shampoo and conditioner, hair stuff, and a pop/rock CD.

I hope you will consider getting one of these tags yourselves this holiday season. You can find them at just about any grocery store. These kids really don't ask for very much, but what it gives back to you is immeasurable.


Em and Ms said...

We always do the Giving Tree and got a 3-year-old girl. It touches my heart when I see simple cute requests. It bugs me when people ask for big, expensive things that we can't even afford for our own child or family--and that seems to be becoming more and more common.

Lisa said...

That's fantastic. We don't do this but I have done group adopt a family in the past and it does feel so good. Maybe we should this year, I think Natalie is old enough to understand giving to others. We do Toys for Tots and she understands that pretty well. The year of Tickle Me Elmo my Spanish class had a family where, naturally, each child wanted an Elmo. Fate gave us that family I believe because I worked at Toys R Us and was able to snag two for that class before they hit the shelves. I SO wish I could have been there when they were delivered to see those kids smile. Have fun shopping for these girls, Lindsay and Abbey!

David said...

isnt that the title of a shel silverstein book?

Stephanie said...

I have never seen a giving tree at a store.

What a great idea

Lisa said...

Alexandra and Lorelai plucked a few off the giving tree at church and we are going shopping tomorrow (we are supposed to turn them in to the R.S. pres by tomorrow night)

Merry Christmas!

Amy J. said...

We have done giving trees several times and we love it! You are right...it is a wonderful experience.

Hey, can you email me your new address please?! :) amyjcaz@hotmail.com

SuzanSayz said...

I can't even remember the last time I saw a giving tree somewhere. I'll probably have to call around.
And I completely agree with Emily. It really makes me angry to see kids expecting DS's or Wii or 80 dollar basketball shoes. In my opinion any "kid" (seeing as how many of them are in their late teens) who has the NERVE to expect a complete stranger to buy them something that outrageous, and like Emily said, the people who take the names from the tree half the time can't even afford it for their own kids, well if I had my way their selfish requests should be taken off the tree and shredded. I'm all for helping the truly needy but how many of those parents waste tons of money on cigarettes and booze and carry 200 dollar cell phones as they go in to sign their kid up for these programs. Maybe they do a better job of it there in Spokane, but here just reading some of their demands makes me want to take their name off the tree and go home and burn it so that they won't get ANYTHING. Too bad there aren't more of those children with sweet humble little wants and needs like the little girl the girls got last year that mostly just wanted socks.

jenG said...

Having been on the recieving end of this... all I can say is thankyou. My first year after my first divorce (oh that just makes me sound crazy) I was living off of $540 a month with the two boys and 8 months pregnant. It was such an amazing burden off my shoulders to know that the kids were being taken care of by an actual "santa". I am sure the families you have this year are just as grateful.