Wednesday, July 14, 2010

4th of July, 10 days later

I love the 4th of July. It's a big holiday for our family. The best were spent at aunt Doris' pool. We'd get there about 11:30 and us kids made a B line for the pool. Living in the Tri-Cities almost always promised a hot lovely day. The food was always plentiful and good. The day went like this, swim and eat. Swim and eat. Launch each other off of the inflated water bed mattress and then more swimming. If we were lucky, my mom's little brothers would be there. It was then guaranteed our days fun to be magnified 10x.

We set off our own fireworks. I miss that. Seeing the block come together with a show of pyrotechnic American pride. Running in the front yard with sparklers. Homemade ice cream passed to the neighbors.

The DeCoursey family got just a little bit of that nostalgia back this year my friends. Tired at the thought of going anywhere for the 4th, we opted for staying home. We did want to go over to Seattle, but it would've been too short of notice.

The weather report wasn't good for the 4th. It got to just about 71 that day, much to cold to swim or play in the water. The girls didn't seem to mind much. Lindsay did give the slip n slide a try, I must commend her for that.

We thought a good way to pass the time till the evening was to go to the movies. Popcorn and soda were only a dollar and the movie was 5 bucks a person. Good deal. The girls picked 'The Last Airbender'. We all loved it.

Jeff grilled burgers and riblets, I made your typical side dishes. I was quite proud of the watermelon-strawberry-lemonade, very refreshing.

I must make it clear that fireworks are banned in our area and we always follow the rules....heh. Evening came and the girls could wait no longer. The sparklers must be used (or maybe they weren't)!!! Our whole neighborhood was lit up with personal displays of fireworks (allegedly). People even splurged on large aerial explosions (somewhere else). Jeff and the girls played with ground bloom flowers (for pretend only, I swear). We also had a gorgeous fountain that was huge and seemed to go on forever. It was so loud! (I'll deny it to the end)

Before bed, we broke out the homemade ice cream. Delicious.

Next year, I think we'll be up at the Brinkerhoff lake houses. I hope it will be hot next year, I hope, I hope!


Em and Ms said...

Sounds like a great time! The best part about holidays are spending time with your family. I still haven't posted about our 4th of July :)

LKP said...

this is a far cry from last year's 4th wasn't it? seriously, no batter blaster? what the?! ;)
as for the movie choice, well-played mama! we loved the last airbender too. can't wait for the next 2!
i really want to go see despicable me. seth's out of town, daisy's out of town...i might have to hit a lonely matinee all to myself! =)
homemade ice cream is the best. i love most that i can ACTUALLY eat it! hooray!!!
glad your holiday was still a blast & that, seattle aside, you made the most of it.

LKP said...

I hear what you're saying entirely. Daisy & I got back from girls camp that Friday afternoon, she showered & repacked her bags for a sleepover at her dad's parents' house. That night Seth & I had dinner at his grandma's since there was some extended family in town. Saturday morning (EARLY) was our ward's independence breakfast, then Daisy came home that night. My nephews wanted something to do, and since they don't like staying home on their parents' poker night, we took them + Daisy to the movies. Sunday was the 4th. So I baked a cake in the morning, Daisy had a bishop's interview for her birthday, we had PM church, then went into Pasco for the new building's dedication. By the time that was all over I was MORE than ready to zonk out. So I laid on the trampoline, in my smelly sleeping bag just to listen to Seth shoot off bottle rockets. It was a boring day. I'd barely found time to frost my lame-sauce sheet cake. There wasn't really anytime for Daisy to even savor her birthday this year. It was too crazy. And you know as well as I do that too crazy = too exhausting. I don't blame ya for staying home this year. Not in the slightest! All that busy-ness is why I spent all last week away from the rest of the world. I didn't have anything left to give.
Hopefully life doesn't feel that way for you. And you're right, to cold of temps totally change my mind about heading to the beach. I'm just sad not to see Batter Blast. Lol. I've only seen it a few times at the store, but each time I think of you and it makes me laugh out loud. Seriously, it's quite a scene! I usually garner some strange looks for it too. =)
You rock, sista!

Lisa said...

You are so adorable with all your know, just in case the chief of police happens to be reading your blog :)

Sounded like a magical day. I am SO glad that Jeff got to be home to enjoy it with you!