Monday, July 19, 2010

Flashlight decorating contest?

As I mentioned before in other posts, this was Abbey's first year at girls camp.

We attended one of the pre-camp meetings. This would've been a huge waste of our time if it weren't for the little words "flashlight" "decorating" and "contest" uttered in combination with "I'm the reining queen. No one beats me." ( I must make it clear that I didn't say this, the camp director did. I've never been in a flashlight decorating contest before.)
HA! Until NOW!!! HA!
I love a challenge. Especially in a category I know I'm good at. It's on baby. Abbey straitened up and looked interested for the first time too, she was definitely on board.

Abbey- "Momma. Do you think we could decorate a flashlight?"

Me- "Absolutely."

Abbey- "Do you think we might win?"

Me- "Oh Abbey, you don't even need to worry about it.
They won't know what hit em"

Abbey and Me- (rubbing our hands menacingly) "heh heh heh eh heh, excelent."

I had drawings of 10 different concept flashlights the following day. After presenting them to Abbey we had to decide the best materials to achieve the best look.

Materials: model magic, markers, craft foam, and stick on jems.

The finished product? Jeff named her Birdie.

Did she win? OH YAH SHE DID!!! WHOOOOOO!!!

See ya next year!


debsters said...

That's one awesome flashlight. I've never even heard of a flashlight decorating contest and here you've been doing it for years. Seems as thought your years of practice has paid off.

Alexandra said...

Oh. My. Goodness.

I am in awe. Complete awe!

That is amazing!!!!

I have never heard of a flashlight decorating contest. Is that a common thing here in the NW?

Alexandra said...

That is really, me, Lisa

Heidi D said...

This was the first one I'd ever heard of. I've never done it before, but it's the kind of stuff I can do.

It's at least a Cheney thing.

andrea said...

not just do but do BRILLIANTLY

i love the notion of presenting the concept drawings- HAHAHA

you rock mudder :)

and congrats on the win!

Mike Brinkerhoff said...

Not just win, but Epic Win!!!

Kelly said...

"When I'm done with you, flashlight, you're gonna eat D-cells, and breathe fire!"

Lisa said...

lol.....I love Kelly's comment.