Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ballet on Broadway

Lindsay's potentially last ballet performance happened at the end of May. Instead of a classic ballet they opted for a more traditional recital.

Broadway was the theme this year. Lindsay's dances were to Jellicle Cats and I Feel Pretty. I Feel Pretty was definitely the stronger performance of the two. She did great.

I feel bad that we didn't get very many pictures this year. The video camera ran out of tape after a few seconds of her first dance too. I don't want to blame anyone here (coughjeffcough), but a mistake was made. She did look beautiful though.

After her show we took her out to eat at the place of her choice...Golden Coral. Oh yeaaaaaah. The last picture is that of Lindsay and her teacher Miss Sandra.


dswillis said...


jenW said...

She looks so grown up! That's it... my daughter can never ever wear makeup. I just decided.

Jeanette said...

Look at you! 4 new posts! I sent you an email in response to your comment on my blog. And an invitation. I hope you are having a fantastic summer. It looks amazing so far.

Your daughters are growing up and are such beautiful little ladies. You are truely blessed.


andrea said...

so so glad you are back - was worrying cause I knew things were tough for you ... glad there is still some good going on (there usually is but sometimes it can be awfully hard to see)

hang in there ((hugs))

LKP said...

oh man! what a sweetie.
makes me miss those days with daisy again. =)

Lisa said...

Wow, she looks gorgeous and so grown up!

And look at all those flowers!