Monday, July 26, 2010

So what'cha what'cha what'cha want?

Me: Oh Lindsay Lou! Your birthday's coming up ya know.

Lou: Oh, I know Momma. I've been thinking about it for a while.

Me: So, you've put some thought into what you want?

Lou: I got it covered.

Me: MmmK.

I didn't think much more of that conversation. The day went on like it usually does. The girls went to bed. After a few hours past I followed. Upon waking up and about to head downstairs I find that Lindsay had posted something to her door.

What the what? It was a birthday list, nay, a birthday wish poster! My heart swelled with pride. I love the moments when you see bits of yourself shine through in your children. So creative! So well done! So completely her idea! Abbey liked it so much, she made one for herself too.

I have to say, they're very helpful. I should make one and put it on my door. {smile}


dswillis said...


Cindy Brinkerhoff said...

Great idea! I think I will put one on my door too!

Very seet, I like the "new" picture of bike. \o/

LKP said...

must be something in the water this year, cause daisy did something similar. she has mirrored closet doors, and she did the same, only by covering the doors in dry erase marker. it DID make her birthday way easier this year. we'd already had our gifts figured out months ago, but whenever i'd get the dreaded calls from extended family, i'd just walk in her room and give 'em one more thing off the list. totally systematic! i loved it. no duplicates this year. hooray hooray! =)
clever kids.

Jeanette said...

How creative! And useful. I like a great birthday list. Your girls kept them reasonable. One of mine asked for a motorcycle this year. I quickly said, "NO." Silly kids.

Lisa said...

Amazon has a wish list, ya know? I LOVE It!

Lisa said...

Lindsay is so smart! That is a brilliant idea.

(I'll have to go both their wish lists.....I still owe Abby a gift too!)