Friday, December 19, 2008

And the snow, snow, snow came down, down, down

We had a record breaking day in snowfall yesterday. We have a total of 29 inches, but in one 24 hour period we got 19 inches!!!

We are totally snowed in. Like Jeff had mentioned though, we have plenty of food, warmth, and water. We even have a fake fire and great music to relax to.

I believe I will bake today. I am felling like today is a sugar cookie, spritz cookie, orange glazed shortbread, fudge, and cherry and lime popcorn ball day! Now, if I do all that I will be amazed. I know I'll get some of it done though. I would make caramel corn too, but I don't think I have everything for that.

Back on subject, here are a bunch of pictures to show you the magnitude of what we have in our neighborhood right now. I will also include the photo that KHQ6 put on the news as their favorite snow photo. I submitted it to them and they put it on the air! I am still a bit giddy over that.

here ya go

Our van and the Taurus left out in the street

The snow made our lights look like snow cones. Awesome!

The winning photo!!!

All of the snow that Jeff shoveled by hand. What a man!

Snow deep enough to cover a fire hydrant!

I think Lindsay looks like Randy from Christmas story
"I can't get up! Ralphie!!!"
Yes. That is Abbey's leg strait down to the bottom of the snow.

The tunnel that our neighbor built, and our
peaceful winter wonderland!

Thanks for looking at all of our photos! I hope it showed a good enough impression of what we have over here. Let's just hope we can leave by Monday to make it for all of the Christmas festivities. I am hosting a table at a family dinner after all.


Lisa said...

That tunnel is so amazing!Do you get a prize for being the winning photo? have fun baking. I have to get some fudge made tomorrow...loads of it.

Hope you make it here on time :)

Anonymous said...

Those are some of the most beautiful snow pics ever! Congrats on the news photo, that rocks! I hope that you guys get out SOMEDAY! Doni

Marilyn said...

Heidi, I personally can't imagine ANYTHING funner than what you guys are experiencing. I would love to feel stuck at home with my family and for my kids to go outside and build a fort and play play play in the snow...can you tell I'm sort of jealous?

But, I am grateful for the 6 inches we have. Enjoy it!

Em and Ms said...

These pictures are awesome! I think it would be so fun to be snowed in making Christmas treats. It's so interesting to hear what other people's traditional treats are. Our snow is all gone now.

Jan said...

Everything is really cool looking. I know it is a weird feeling. Those lights are so awesome. Invent that look guys.

SuzanSayz said...

I agree with Jan, someone needs to make lights that look just like that. I also hope you can get out of there by Monday.
Btw, the call on my cell phone that you made a little bit ago I had to ignore, I was driving and there was a cop behind me.
Oh one more btw, I don't think I can do the tag because I'm pretty sure the only REAL photo files we have are all those old boring pictures of dad's.

dani said...

wow, heidi!!! and i just heard that the pacific northwest is about to be slammed again... is that you???
i love the photos, and the effect of the snow on your Christmas lights rocks!!!
good luck getting out for Christmas, but in the meantime...
enjoy all those sweet treats:P

Whitaker Family said...

Those pictures totally remind me of my favorite book as a kid, "The Long Winter" by Laura Ingles Wilder! I have always fantasized about having to dig tunnels through the snow to get out! How amazing!!

Mitchellaus Copernicus said...

I'm glad we have snow in TC, but I'm not sure I would want that much. Can't wait to see yunz on Monday.

libbie said...

HOLY SNOW! And I thought we had it bad! I do love the snow, I just wish it didn't have to be so dang cold to get it! Although, wait, I do love the cold too. It makes me appreciate the warmth more! Great pictures. Thats cool yours made the news.

Stephanie said...

The last time I saw that much snow was in 1967 Blizzard in Chicagoland. Glad your warm. Love the tunnel. We built a snow fort in '67. Ah the memories.