Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jeff's Village

I figure I have a few more days to get away with doing a Christmas post. I wanted to put pictures up of Jeff's Christmas village.

I think it needs to be stated that Jeff is big on tradition. In fact, one of the things he was looking forward to the most when we got married was starting our own traditions. Having a Christmas village was one of them. He liked the thought of it being "Dad's village".

So, for our second Christmas together, he mainly had village pieces under the tree. He adds to it every Christmas. A very important and long awaited skating rink was added to the display this year. I knew I couldn't make him wait for Christmas to open it. He was very excited. He kept playing with it and coming into the room to look at it. I did good. : )

Well, on the day that it kept snowing and snowing, I played around with my camera to see what kind of shots I could come up with. They probably would have turned out better if I had a tripod, but they're not too bad.

By the way, I got a tripod for Christmas! Yay! Here are the pictures that came about from a snowed in woman with nothing better to do. I hope you enjoy.

Some of the windows have scenes in them. I was trying to get the perspective of someone walking in the tiny village.

Did you know that Scrooge lives in our village? He's right there getting visited by Marley. Note the chains on the figure standing.

Jeff's aunt Leah got him a little Mickey train set a few years ago. It fits perfectly.

I couldn't get a good shot of the new skating rink. This was the best one.

I did this closeup with my niece in mind. She LOVES Mickey.

Thanks for looking. I hope you guys all had a great Christmas and will have a happy New Year!


Lisa said...

I do love Christmas villages. There is always something calming about an old fashioned Christmas...and these village scenes just take you back in time.

I will have to show Lorelai the Mickey pic....it turned out great!

Jan said...

That is utterly charming for sure. It always makes one fantasize about what if you lived there. So very very nice to look at each day. Love how they have people inside too. So cute.

Kelly said...

That is an awesome village. It almost seems like it could be a wizard's village from Harry Potter.

SuzanSayz said...

I love your villiage Heidi. It inspired me to do more with ours and now I love mine too. I would love to have a real skating rink. The one I made with aluminum foil is pretty amateurish. Maybe next year.

Jeanette said...

I love it and I love the pictures. I think as long as it's snowing, Christmas posts are allowed. ;)