Thursday, December 18, 2008

My first TAG! And a bonus. You just gotta look!

I was tagged by Lisa. I am supposed to post the 4th picture in the 4th file of my digital photo storage. I am not sure what that means, so I am going to do what I think it means. I will count 1, 2, 3, 4 folders I pick the 4th picture? I am a total nerd. I think I am just tired and need to go to bed. Alrighty, here it is.

Lindsay will dress up in her ballet costumes and dance. This was last year around the same time. She is so funny. This was her kelp costume for the Under the Sea ballet.

Oh, and guess who's picture was just picked to be shown on the news?.?.? ME!!! HA HA YA! This is the one they used.
I tag my Mom and uncle Mike.


Kelly said...

Holee crayup! (sorry, that's about as phonetic as i can spell a Minnesotan expletive eh)

Seriously though, that's pretty amazing. I question the structural integrity, but it's still amazing.

dani said...

your little sea kelp looks divine in her costume and flowery tights, heidi, tee-hee:b
how about that snow?!?!?! i commented jeff's post yesterday that i love the white stuff. now, THAT is a lot of white stuff!!!
you all stay safe and warm:D

Lisa said...

That is AWESOME! I want to come play....

Jan said...

That is so cool. Literally cool huh. That is one big mound of fun. Congrats.

Love the your little kelper.

Mike Brinkerhoff said...

Epic Snow Fort...

Epic Win!!

SuzanSayz said...

Wow, Heidi, how long did it take to build that?
I love little Lou in her costume of Kelp, maybe you should do a pictorial of her in all her different little costumes and dress ups.
How did the news get your picture btw? Did they ask for people to send in a file? So cool that they picked yours.

Em and Ms said...

Both pictures are great! It's always fun to be on the news--and that igloo is so cool! I bet the girls love playing in it.