Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving, just a tidbit after all.

Well, I thought I would have pictures to show of the day and I really don't have much. I really think that is the sign of a good time. I cooked the meal with a great deal of help from my sweetheart. He is my kitchen helper every year. He and I made that pact a while ago. I was not interested in cooking such a huge meal and cleaning up after myself while I did so. So to keep me cooking the dinner that he looks forward to most during the year, he helps with anything I need to get it done! I also had my niece Alexandra be my shadow this year. I really don't mind that because I love my nieces dearly and she has always had a little piece of my heart.

I have to say the turkey was one of my best this year. The rolls turned out really great too. The pies, not my best. The gravy....let's hope I do better for Christmas. All in all I think the meal was great and I loved best of all to share it with my family.

After the dinner we gathered in the family room and we passed around a little box that had cards inside with questions on them. They would be questions about things like what your thankful for and other such things. Lindsay made it in activity days and was determined to have everybody join in. She would stand by each person to pass out a card and when they were finished she would put the card aside so as not to repeat it. She was very serious and sweet about the whole thing. I thought it was adorable. My question was 'Who in your life should you thank more often?' My answer was my children should be thanked more often. Now, I started to think of this more thoroughly and I know I could have answered that much better. I know I need to thank my parents more. They are always there for me when I need them. Always. I also should thank my Heavenly Father more. I don't know if I can ever be greatful enough, but I want to try. So, ya, just a little revision on my answer.

We even played a little American Idol afterward. Shawn really loves that game. I don't know what next year brings for us, but I am glad that this year was good. I hope I can remember it fondly, even though I don't have many pictures to help me.

Oh, and give your congratulations to my uncle Mike and family for the new addition to their family. Welcome Danee!


Jan said...

Sounds like fun Heidi. I am so excited for you new addition. Miss Danee.

Marilyn said...

Heidi, I really love that idea that Lindsay had and that Jeff helped so much in the kitchen. And I especially love your original and revised answer...I can relate to them all.

Thanks for the heads up as well on Mike and Cindy's new addition, so exciting.

Lisa said...

I love your new background!!!! It's perfect!

We had a lovely time on Thanksgving. Thanks for coming over and for treating us all to your delicious cooking :)

We'll try to get some pictures to you.

Congrats Mike and Cindy!

SuzanSayz said...

Heidi, thank you for thanking me and dad. We love you so very much and you know that we will always stand by you and Jeff and the girls. The dinner was excellent. zzzzzi think this years turkeys was possibly the best ever!
I love your new Christmas decor, and I love you!

SuzanSayz said...

I have absolutely NO idea how those superfluous z's got in there.

dani said...

heidi, i think your mom must have taken a power nap in the middle of her 1st comment, ha!!! thanksgiving sounds like it was deliciously wonderful, yea:D (much better than the 1989 one for your brother, thedonald:b
ps... your background is adorable; i'm a pink and green girl myself. i never got past the preppy 80's:)