Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A humble request

Every year we like to do the giving tree at one of the local grocery stores. The girls really look forward to this tradition. It really lets them know just how blessed they are. They love to pick out a little toy or a piece of clothes for the boy or girl they select. Lindsay and Abbey both know that this may be the only thing the needy child gets for Christmas.

Our circumstances are a little different this year. With Jeff out of a job and finances being tight, we didn't know if we could do the giving tree. This really bothered the girls. Abbey and Lindsay both came to me and offered their own money to get something. I think together they had like 3.50 between them. They even said that I wouldn't have to get them anything because their Grandmas would be taking care of them. I was really touched. So we went to pick out a name.

The pickens were really slim this year, which I thought was odd. In these times shouldn't there be more families in need? Maybe more people had decided to help those who are less fortunate and took names off the tree. Well, we found the child that we were going to help. It was partly that she was a 7 year old girl and that what she was asking for was so sweet and humble you couldn't help but to pick her.

This was her wish list:

Socks, slippers, shampoo, lotion, and a small stuffed monkey.

What a simple wish list for Christmas. I could tell that this is a little girl who is truly in need. She isn't asking for and expensive toy (which some do) Her luxuries this year will be what some of us consider necessities. How blessed my children and I are, that we do not have to wish for socks and shampoo. I was just touched and overwhelmed with the spirit of Christmas, when we as a family, went to the store to pick out her things.

Abbey and Lindsay carefully selected each item for her. They picked out socks that could match everything and be very warm at the same time. They smelled each kids brand of shampoo, before selecting the best scent. They picked out a "fancy" lotion to give to her, it was vanilla butter cream. They also found her a little stuffed monkey that was holding a pair of slipper-socks. The final gift was a little tootsie roll bank. Every kid needs a tootsie roll bank.

The girls brought the stuff to the customer service counter and Lindsay proceeded to pull out and have the lady check off everything on the list. The lady thanked us and especially the girls. We left the store with the special spirit that only doing good works can give you. We came home and had some dessert. The girls were talking about how much that little girl was going to love what we got her. Lindsay remarked, "We got everything on her list! We even got her something that wasn't. She will be so surprised!"

I hope that little girl will be as happy with her gift, as my kids were with giving it to her.


Em and Ms said...

That is so sweet. It's always amazing how much we can learn from kids. We usually do a giving tree too, but we need to find a different one. The one we looked at last night all the kids wanted DS games and bikes, both things we can't really afford right now!

Mike Brinkerhoff said...

Your family is awesome, and I just love those girls of yours!!

Lisa said...

Your girls set a great example of thinking of others before themselves.

Merry Christmas!

Jan said...

Amazing gratitude you have shared. So great. I love those big hearted moments.

libbie said...

that's awesome. i am going to do the giving tree next year. my girls would love that so much.

dani said...

oh.so.sweet, heidi:) give your two sweet girls a hug from their new, kentucky fan!!!
much love,

SuzanSayz said...

I'm so happy that you posted about this one Heidi. I am so proud of my sweet girls for being so generous and full of love. I have the best grandaughters in the whole world!