Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fog...I like it.

It has been foggy in my part of town for about a week and a half. I love the fog. Especially when its freezing outside. Everything looks frosty and flocked. I am going to go out and about today and take some pictures of it all. It's got a real ghostly feel and I like it. I'll post those pictures later.

Also, does anybody know how many points a brownie sundae are? no, I must have....WILLPOWER!!!
I think I need a sponsor. :)


dani said...

hey, heidi:)
made with a fat-free brownie
low fat ice cream
and a tbsp of fat-free fudge sauce...
only 5 ww points:)
enjoy your day out in nature's beauty!!!

Mike Brinkerhoff said...

We've had really great fog here for the past week, too... I love it when it's so thick that the stoplights send out visible light beams!

SuzanSayz said...

The picture taking sounds lovely Heidi. As for the sundae, tell your self NO NO NO! And see if you can hold off for a day. If it still keeps calling your name, and you simply must, then try to be content with a small serving.

Lisa said...

That Sundae is reminding me of my birthday.

As for the fog....have you considered relocating to London? You'd love it!

::Jan:: said...

Oh the fog. Do you have a foghorn? That would be fun to blow.

Just forget about the points. Brownie points are good right.

I will sponsor you.

Jeanette said...

I love fog, and I love rainy thunderstorms. We have earth shaking thunderstorms here with lightning that lights up the sky for miles.

After seeing that picture, I will need willpower too.