Monday, January 19, 2009

He's not heavy, he's my brother...but he is fun.

This weekend we were treated to a visit from my little brother Kelly. That really explains my absence from the blogging world. So, sorry for not commenting.

When Kelly comes to visit, you can be sure there will be lots of laughing, lots of cartoons, lots of video games, and lots of fun. I usually make a treat of some sort too. His usual request is a key lime pie. I mastered the recipe about a year ago.

Kelly, for the past few years, comes over to our house to spend his birthday. We take him out to our favorite restaurants and keep him well entertained. On his birthday, we go out to eat at one place, but we go to Clinkerdagger's for dessert. It's a fancy shmancy eatery in Spokane. Over rated if you ask me, but they have a key lime pie that Kelly fell in love with. I thought to myself,'I can make this for the same price as one piece!' So I buttered up the waitress and she told me where they got the recipe from. Ever since then, I just make them myself and we enjoy them the whole time he's here. I didn't get around to making the pie this weekend. Instead I made cinnamon rolls, which Kelly has said are the best cinnamon rolls he has ever tasted.

On Friday night we went rollerskating. Jeff and I found a nice bench while Kelly and the girls skated away. I wished we had waited to go on Saturday though. Friday night is 12-15 year old, foul mouthed, smoke in the bathrooms, trashy kids night. Every so often, you would hear the owner over the pa system telling the kids to watch their mouths or stop smoking in her bathrooms. She threw a few kids out. It was a big task and she was doing her best. Then she came over and asked how we were surviving the craziness. We informed her that this is the last Friday night we would ever be attending. She didn't blame us one bit. We've been skating there for the last 4 years and I have never seen it like that. The owner only does it once a week and I think it's only to help pay the bills.{Lindsay looks a little nuts in this picture. I think it's her way of keeping her eyes open during a flash. I wish I got some of Kelly. He was doing his best impressions of the FTD logo. Abbey was skating, with a lot of breaks and a lot of informing the owner of what the bad kids were doing. Abbey was really disgusted with the behavior displayed.}

A lot of the time we watched movies, tv series on dvd, and LOTS of Anime. {That's Japanese cartoons} Sunday became a Dragon Ball Z marathon. I watched some of it, then I hijacked Kelly's computer and re-watched most of the Office season 5.

Well, I hope you got the gist of our weekend. A good time is had by all when uncle Kelly comes to town.


Mike Brinkerhoff said...

So on non-Fridays, do they lock out all the 12-15 year olds??

Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

Friday night is a late night skate. It goes from 7-10:30. It was PACKED with kids. 100-150. I think there were only 10 adults including Jeff and I. Other skate times are during the day and only last until maybe 6pm. So Friday nights has a unique crowd. They were practically tearing the place down.

SuzanSayz said...

Now here is an interesting tidbit. Just as I started reading this Kelly walked in the door. So I guess we can safely assume that he took the right exit at Ritzville.
I'm glad you all had so much fun together.
And oddly enough, when I was in the 13 to 15 age brackett my friends and I would go to the roller rink in Federal Way every weekend. We were probably a lot worse than I remember us being. I was usually pretty good but there were a few times when I got talked to.
It sounds like Miss Abbey was really in her element as Official Tattle Taler.

dani said...

i'm so glad you all enjoyed your weekend with kelly, heidi:) i feel your pain, though, on your skating rink fiasco... ours is ALWAYS like that. thankfully, katherine has my skating-challenged gene, and skating isn't her thing, ha!!!
i hope all is going well with you and yours and that you will have a great rest of the week.

Kelly said...

Yeah skating was great until I practically wrecked my shoulder. Even after that it was a lot of fun. I'm always happy when I come up to visit you guys.

I brought my 360 but I didn't even break it out. I hardly ever play it now but since there was so much else to do I didn't really need it.

Another great time at the DeCoursey household :)

Lisa said...

Roller skating sounds fun!!!! (minus the stinky 12-15 yr olds)

Jeanette said...

Makes me wish I had a brother. :)

Marilyn said...

Oh, the bit about Abby tattle taling has me in stitches. hilarious.

It sounds like a super fun weekend!

Thanks for your really sweet words today, you're too kind.

KaTrina said...

Are you sure Kelly isn't getting to old for skating? He could break a hip! jkjkjk...

I love the pictures, and Lisa's comment is hilarious, she's right 12-15 year olds DO stink!