Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sweet surprise

As most of you know, Jeff has been without a job since the begining of October. We've had to really tighten our belts and eliminate extra costs. Really, we didn't have that many extra costs to begin with. One thing we did have to pay for and what was a bit of a burden, was Lindsay's ballet classes.

She has been in ballet since she was 4 years old. Lindsay takes ballet very seriously. It's interesting to watch her in class. Other girls will be goofing off or slightly aloof, not Lindsay. She listens very intently and tries her hardest to do just what Miss. Sandra says.

Lindsay was born with a natural grace and ballance, I have no idea where she got it from. She was born to dance I think. We would take her to Abbey's dance recitals and we would have to have an isle seat. She would insist on copying whatever was being done on stage. Ballet was the only thing that would get that little pill to potty train too. She was almost 3 1/2 and wouldn't even consider it. She was looking forward to being 3 for one reason only. She knew that was the age you could finally get to go to ballet. The one stipulation being, only students that were potty trained would be allowed. When I finally got it through to her, that she was not going to ballet until she was out of diapers, she potty trained in about 3 days.

Anyways, the reason I am writing about it is this. Cutting ballet was a very last resort for our budget. My dear mother stepped in and told me that she would like to pay for her dancing lessons. I was and am very grateful. I finally paid this quarters tuition yesterday. Last night I checked my email for a final time before going to bed to find this:

Sandra Olgard--gift
Hi Heidi,

An anonymous person has paid Lindsay's tuition for the remainder of the year. I can either rip up your check or give it back, which ever you prefer. Lindsay is a joy to have in class and is doing so well. A beautiful girl. Sandra

I was so taken aback with a humble heart and gratitude. I even cried. I try not to do that very often. I am so touched by this sweet and loving gesture. There are sweet little blessings that the Lord gives us. It may not be a job for my husband, but it lightens my load and my spirit none the less.


SuzanSayz said...

I'm so touched that someone would do that for you and Linds, Heidi. Now you can use the money I gave you to pay bills, or get Lindsay those new shoes she needs so badly. I hope that, whoever performed that sweet act of generosity, will know how very much it meant to you.

::Jan:: said...

That is AWESomE... So so wonderful. I love blessings that come like that from such caring and wonderful people. Twirl on girl.

Mike Brinkerhoff said...

Man, I love stuff like that!

Yay Anonymous!!

Stephanie said...

May many more blessings come your way. So sweet.

Jeanette said...

It is wonderful that you can feel the kindness of others in a time like this. I hope the burdens continue to become lighter and that you continue to feel the peace you are feeling. What a wonderful thing that you will always remember.

Kristin said...

I'm glad you found my blog. How fun is that!? My brother has been out of work for almost a year and I've been so grateful for all the acts of kindness that people have done for him and his family.

My husband lost his job in July, but it's been a blessing in disguise. We decided to do school loans and he's doing much better in school now that he's not trying to balance so many things.

Cindy Brinkerhoff said...

This is great news! I am glad that Lindsey will be able to dance on.. now about that heat situation???

We love you guys/girls!

dani said...

oh, heidi... how sweet was that!!! it speaks volumes about your family that someone would be so generous!!! what a blessing... and what a blessing your parents are, too:)
much love,
ps you have an adorable little ballerina!!!

libbie said...

THAT . . .. is awesome!

debsters said...

With a little investigating and blog stalking I found your blog. What a wonderful gesture of friendship someone has shown you, a blessing indeed.

Marilyn said...

A sweet surprise indeed! What a lovely thing for someone to do.

Lisa said...

A blessing indeed. Think of how wonderful the world would be if more people would do acts of kindness like this.

(love your new background!)