Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Photo Archive, no theme. Just fun.

I felt like sharing some of my favorite photos of my girls. There is really not a theme, just some I really like and I wanted to share.
Valentines Day with her rose from Daddy
Japanese Gardens after Church

Lindsay at Build a Bear.
Yes, she picked out the outfit.
Yes, I let her go out in public in it.

Sisters enjoying breakfast in the
Thanks for looking. If your stuck for what to do, why not pull out 4 of your favorite photos. Consider yourself TAGGED.


Amy J. said...

Classic pictures! for your post yesturday, I have to say that today I am going to do NOTHING! I am tired my baby has been sick and I am tired. :)

I am so glad you started up your blog again, a true treat!

Lisa said...

OK, my favorite picture is the last one because it captures an everyday moment that might seem humdrum but looking back it will be a peek into their everyday lives. I love how Abbey is drinking the milk and how the sun shines on Lindsay's face.
And of course, the empty milk carton. Now THAT is true to life. Our milk always seems to be just about empty, why is that?

SuzanSayz said...

I always love to look at pictures. Especially ones of my grandaughters!

Marilyn said...

Cute pictures. I especially love the one of them in their white dresses at the Japanese gardens. So pretty.

Jeanette said...

I love the post of just pictures. A picture tells a thousand words.

dani said...

so cute... your girls are, heidi!!!

KaTrina said...

My favorite is most def. the one of Lindsay at Build-A-Bear.