Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We had a great New Year celebration!

We have started a tradition with our little family. Probably similar to what you all do, but it's looked forward by everyone in the DeCoursey house.

So we all stay up to ring in the new year of course. Lindsay seems to have more of a knack at it than Abbey does. Abbey is usually ready to throw in the towel at about 10:30. Jeff was waining at 11:00. I was worried we wouldn't make it. They powered through.

On new years eve, everybody gets whatever they want for dinner. The girls were easy this year. They picked up a bag of chicken nuggets at the store. Jeff was undecided, until we went down the salad dressing isle. A little bottle of Asian Chicken salad dressing seemed to be emanating light. Pick me! Jeff quickly did and it was decided that we would be having a big bowl of Asian Chicken salad tonight. Recipe courtesy of my Momma.

So we pretty much get going when ever the mood hits us. That was about 5pm for us. Along side of our customized dinner we have other nibblies. Jeff likes the cheese ball and crackers. We always seem to have little smokies no matter what the celebration. During the course of the evening we broke out the smores. Being the cleaver mom that I am, I made a mini bonfire with tea light candles on a plate. Good eats!

All night long it has become the tradition to watch the Twilight Zone marathon, play games, and finish with Dick Clark in Times Square. We have a quick succession of happenings after the clock strikes 12.

First. Poppers are distributed and popped. Much to delight of the cats. : )

Second. Pots and pans are passed out. The front door is flung open and the neighborhood is treated to us banging and wishing them a happy new year. I don't think were that bad. Some guy shoots his gun in the air and somebody usually has fireworks.

Third and final. We reconvene in the kitchen and toast the new year with bubbly, the apple kind.

Then it's off to bed. New years day is filled with a snow/sledding party at our Bishops house. His property has a HUGE hill. As the kids slide, the grownups stay warm in the garage, propane heaters are awesome! Lovely ladies make fry bread. Delicious with honey butter! All the coco you can drink too.

Alas, I missed out on the party. I was home cooking up a turkey dinner. I can report that the food turned out great. The gravy was so good. I ruined the Thanksgiving gravy, so this was a little boost to my confidence. We ate our delicious dinner on the lovely china my mom gave me for Christmas. It used to be hers, I admired it so much she just gave it to me. Ain't she sweet?

We said goodbye to the tree. It was a good tree, but it started to smell a bit and needed to go.

I hope you had a fun new year celebration too. Oh, before I forget. Another new thing has happened. My oldest daughter Abbey has started her own blog. She got a camera for Christmas and a blog was just the way to put it to use. So, if you could stop by and say hello to her or if you have any girls around 10 that might be interested in being her blog buddy, send them over to Abbey's Place.

Happy New Year! I know, it was a few days ago...humor me.


SuzanSayz said...

I'm glad that you have already found an occasion to use the china. I'm also happy about your gravy turning out so well. So the turkey was good? I was a little worried since it had been through quite a lot.
I am now off to go visit Miss Abbey's blog.

dani said...

heidi, it sounds like you and yours had a great nye and day; yea!!! for the decourseys:D
i'm off to take a look-see at abbey's new blog. i'm so excited for her; i hope she will find as much joy in blogging as i have:)

Lisa said...

I love this post! We totally need to do New Years Eve together some time! And the sledding party sounds divine!!

Mike Brinkerhoff said...

I can't say much... I gotta go check out ABBEY'S PLACE!!!

Whitaker Family said...

Happy New Year! We totally banged pots and pans, but I'm sure that you heard us :). (BTW I just added a picture element at the top of my page. In the layout screen you can stretch and pull, drag, whatever to the element. I just drug it to the top, and stretched it to fill the whole screen. Hope that was helpful.)

Jeanette said...

The sledding looks so fun. We don't get snow, so your pictures help me enjoy it vicariously.

I will send my two daughters (10 & 9) over to Abbey's Place. I hope she enjoys blogging as much as my girls do.